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September 2004 News From The Turkish Coast

By doina — last modified Sep 27, 2004 10:07 AM

Published: 2004-09-27 10:07:53
Topics: Cruising Information
Countries: Turkey

VAT For Marina Services In Turkey

In the last few days some services in marinas, in particular some short time moorings, have become subject to VAT. The applicable VAT is 18% at this time. Exempted are all services over 500 million TL (about 270 Euros). Thus, an annual contract is not subject to VAT, while daily mooring often is. Relevant is the total amount on one single invoice. If several services can be compounded their total exceeds 500 millions (ex VAT) then the invoice is to be issued free of VAT. However, services have actually to be invoiced within 7 days as of completion.

The new regulation is a result of the government resolution number 7765, as published in the official announcements August 27, 2004, number 25566 and is valid as of publication. The VAT in Turkey is regulated by the Law concerning VAT (number 3065). Article 13, section 2 of this law states that "Services rendered by operators of ports and airports to transport vessels for sea and air are exempted from VAT". While debates have been going on whether yachts are transport vessels and marinas are ports (with this exemption probably the legislation had in mind port services to commercial shiping like reloading of containers) this exemption was applied by all marinas in Turkey. The threshold of 500 million TL suggests that the new regulations is actually designed to protect the commercial shipping of "petty matters" and may be reversed for yachts in due course. The accountants of marinas are also not pleased as they expect some complicated arguments with clients.

Port Bodrum Marina in Yalikavak (37º 06' 20'' N 027º 17' 24'' E)

In the last months the marina has made a gigantic effort and has reoriented all pontoons. This way they expect that with northerly winds the marina will be calmer in winter. The marina is laid out tastefully with a lot of wood and in summer a welcoming cool breeze makes life comfortable. Under the direction of the general manager Bruno Meier a Used Boat Show is coming up starting 23 September and ending 27 September 2004.

Bruno writes to me: “(…) We have special offers next to the 20% general discount for 2004 on our price list. Very good deals are available at Port Bodrum Yalikavak!!!!“

Write to [email protected] and ask for the great deals. Marina prices are announced at

The construction of the marina continues but for the residents this is not very disturbing as the area is huge. In the marina there is a facility for minigolf, a golf-range, tennis courts for the sportively inclined visitors. Stores can be obtained from the "Migros-Supermarket". A restaurant, a bistro and an art gallery are at the disposal of clients, a medical office is available.

D-Marin Turgutreis: General Information (37º 00' 00'' N 027º 15' 19'' E), the marina "on our doorstep"

It is over with the 15 month agreements (three months free on a yearly contract), which, in the end did not create any significant benefit for customers and the prices in general have been reduced yet again in August.

The hardstanding area appears to have been booked out already for this coming winter – no wonder with a certainly competitive €18.00/m2 price including storage, crane, pressure wash, electricity and water. A 40 ton boatmover is expected to arrive in October.

Against all rumours it is permitted at D-Marin to stay on board in order to decommission and work on the boat and then to commission her again. In official wording each time should be one week, but nobody has objected so far when it was longer. In the front office now a Johanna Caferoglu is assisting the manager Ms. Gonca Balaban. Ms. Caferoglu, an expat from Austria is fluent in English, Turkish and her native German and assists the patrons in her personal and energetic way.

Next to the main services the marina offers to patrons quality „bed and breakfast“ in the Yachtclub for €45,00 two persons per night. In the canteen you can eat for €2,80 throughout the day. At the Yachtclub good dining is possible for reasonable prices. An internet café offers fast ADSL-access to the net. The facilities in and around the marina to buy stores are good. In particular the “Tansas” supermarket in the marina stocks items consumed on board. Billiard, table tennis, tennis, a swimming pool, a sauna and an open air cinema offer relaxation on land. A weekly produce market, each Saturday, is within walking distance to the marina and provides fresh stores in a very colourful surrounding.

In the last few months the Private Hospital of Bodrum (Özel Bodrum Hastanesi) entertains an outstation at D-Marin. The station is manned with a paramedic. The central number of the hospital is, by the way, 0090 (252) 313 6568 and you will be able to address some of the physicians and staff in English.

Also this summer a small workshop, specialized in upholstery and canvaswork has come to the other service providers at D-Marin. As a heavy duty zig-zag sawing mashine is part of their equipment some sail repairs can be carried out locally and with good success. Under you can find some information concerning technical services at the Turgutreis Marina.

Details and harbour plans of the marina can be found at

The marinas own site has some information about prices – albeit the site cannot follow the restructurings fully! For example the price for hard storage is not yet there. In case of doubt we will be glad to assist for enquiries by fax (+90-252-382 7074) or e-mail [email protected] Or fax and mail the marina directly. (+90-252-382 6200) [email protected]

Car Rental: In the marina there is now „Budget“ and opposite the marina there is “Avis”. Very popular are the Suzuki jeeps for an airy tour of the surroundings.

Customs and other Officials at D-Marin Turgutreis

D-Marin is a regular port of entry now. Clearing in and out is fast and uncomplicated. The representatives of all required authorities are together in one building and more and more skippers carry out their clearance without any assistance. No costs are to be expected next to the transitlog, which is valid for one year.

VAT refund is also now possible at D-Marin. See Of particular interest is, that if the refund goes through “Global Refund” there is an agreement with the Branch of Garanti Bankası at D-Marin and the refunded value can be received after clearance directly in cash and in foreign currency at the bank. We recommend advising the bank in advance for substantial cash actions.

The ferry connection to the Greek island Cos, only a few miles to the south, is good. Every day several ferries dock and leave directly at the marina.

Fuel can be bunkered duty free, however not in “small quantities” but as of about 5000 litres. Pooling is possible, though. Some further details to be seen at

Kemer Marina (36º 36' 03'' N 030º 34' 24'' E)

For a few months now Hasan Kaçmaz has left the tiller to Mr. Cemal Nemlioglu. Mr. Nemlioglu is a retired officer of the Turkish navy and speaks English. He was at Fener Kalamış Marina iğn Istanbul before.

Wintering In General

Our updated data for all marinas in Turkey can be found at

My experiences concerning hauling out in Turkey can be found at

(Sorry, so far this last link is only available in German)


We have already despatched the free pamphlet „Turkish Marinas 2004“ (56 pages) to several dozen cruising people – if you require one just contact us. I personally consider the concise pamphlet quite informative. Next to harbour plans you can also find valuable recommendations for cruising in Turkey. As these articles have been written by cruising people with extensive experience in Turkey they are pleasantly “salty”.

The Turkish Coastguard

The central number of the Turkish Coastguard is: 158. This number can be reached through the landlines as well as over all GSM providers without any area code. Should you need to contact the coastguard from abroad (through the Greek GSM for example) you have to dial +90 (252) 412 77 22. We were assured that you will be able to communicate in English. Web access to the Turkish Coastguard in English:

Protection of the Environment in Turkey and Sewage Tanks

I was addressed by a magazine and I am preparing comprehensive information about this subject. Should somebody wish to look into my – well progressed - manuscript please contact me and I can mail it. So far you can have it in German only.

The car

Cars in the „tow“ of yachts, whose permit in Turkey has expired, can be deposited under customs custody at the Milas/ Bodrum Airport. Attention: If the permit has not yet expired you still have to get the car to Dalaman, İzmir or Denizli, all about 170 miles away from Bodrum, or you have to get the vehicle out of Turkey.

Leave without depositing the transit log?

As said before, the transit log is valid for 12 months and when you leave the country and wish to leave the yacht in Turkey the log has to be surrendered at customs. This is the milder version of the former “Customs Bond”. As, however, there is no stamp in the passport any more, nobody appears to bother when you do leave the country without surrendering the transitlog. This, however, is illegal and the administration is in a position to impose severe penalties. The administration can follow your movements through a central database.

The depositing of the transitlog is a short and easy affair at Turgutreis. It does not cost anything.

The “Introductions to Foreign Flag Private Yachts” as it appears in the cover page of any transitlog can be viewed at The original text of the declaration by the Undersecretary of Customs can be found at in a careful English translation with annotations.

Yacht in Transit procedures

The „Yacht in Transit“ procedures, by which, cruising people can send to their foreign flagged yachts goods from abroad and avoid paying customs taxes and VAT, works well. At our last transactions the authorities requested though, that the yacht owner or the skipper were present. A PoA, which expressed the power to receive goods was not readily honoured. More about all this at


All who know me, know that I like diesel engines, therefore I follow the „diesel-scene“ a bit. After “Total” now also “Türkpetrol” offers Eurodiesel according to Euro 3 Standard EN 590. This fuel has substantial less sulphur than normal diesel and is recommended for high revving diesel engines designed with a turbocharger and an aftercooler as well as for commonrail diesels. We follow the effects from firsthand as we carry out together with Elf/ANAC oil analysis for years now on a regular basis. See also

Eurodiesel costs here € 0.95 per litre and is thus about 5% more expensive than normal diesel.

One last word

We enjoy supplying this information and on our website the cruising community will find further information on our area. The information is generally well researched, but we cannot assume responsibility for the truth/validity of all what we write. We would like, though to receive feedback, in particular, if there are discrepancies to what we have written. Also please do not hesitate to ask us questions, if you think we may know the answers. Most of our site has come up that way. E-mail [email protected]

Fair winds.

Yusuf Civelekoglu, yachtWORKS

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Tel +90 (252) 382 4445, Fax +90 (252) 382 7074

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