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Rules Tightened On Entering Maldives With A Dog Onboard

By doina — last modified Jul 20, 2004 01:37 PM

Published: 2004-07-20 13:37:20
Countries: Maldives

We entered the Maldives in Male. We contacted an agent via email enroute and advised him we had a dog on board. He cautioned us that we might not be able to stay in the country due to the dog. Because we needed an engine part to properly repair a problem developed enroute we opted to continue in hopes we could at least stay long enough to purchase the part and make the repair.

When the officials boarded we had the dog in a crate and advised each agency in turn of the dog's presence. They each checked with their bosses and gave us permission to stay on condition the dog stayed on board. We happily proceeded to the yacht anchorage area. A couple days later we got a call on VHF from our agent and asked us to visit his office. When we arrived he said the security police had become aware of the dog and wanted to fine us 5000 ruffiya ($420US). We spent a day with the officials and when they reviewed the proper permissions from the officials who boarded at clearance they backed down from fining us. But they fined our agent instead. It was not clear what regulation the agent had violated since the conversation with him was in the local language. But they made it clear to us that we were not to pay the fine. We have been told no agents will now represent a boat with a dog on board. Any yachts with a dog on board should contact an agent before coming to Male to check the current situation. Other pets do not seem to be a problem.

Bruce Dage