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Tanna is a new port of entry in Vanuatu

By doina — last modified Apr 30, 2004 01:31 PM

Published: 2004-04-30 13:31:29
Countries: Vanuatu

Cruising sailors visiting Vanuatu are welcoming the fact that the authorities have finally agreed to make Lenakel in Tanna an official port of entry. Lenakel is located on the west coast of Tanna, and is not a good harbour. As cruising yachts normally use Port Resolution on the east coast as a base while visiting the island, it is possible to leave the boat at Port Resolution and cross the island to Lenakel on local transport. First office to be visited is quarantine, who charge a fee of 3000 vatu (approx. $30). There is a bank in Lenakel where foreign currency can be changed, but there is no ATM. Immigration formalities are completed at the police station. A customs officer is not permanently based on the island, so his presence in Lenakel should be ascertained before coming over from Port Resolution. The informal yacht club in Port Resolution, run by Wherry, the local chieftain's nephew, will make the necessary arrangements. Yachts are aloowed to wait in Port Resolution until confirmation is received that the cutstoms officer had arrived at Lenakel.

Being able to now stop at Tanna is a great advantage as it allows yachts arriving from the east or north to make landfall at Tanna first and visit other islands en route to capital Vila, rather than face a tough beat to windward to visit some of the southern islands of Vanuatu. Tanna's main attraction is the active Yasur volcano, which can be visited from Port Resolution.

Jimmy Cornell

s/v Aventura Trois, Vanuatu