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Cape Verdes Cruising Update February 2004

By doina — last modified Mar 01, 2004 01:51 PM

Published: 2004-03-01 13:51:27
Countries: Cape Verdes

I am sailing single-handed on my OVNI 385 "Jacaré II", Swiss flag. Call sign HBY3909. I anchored in Praia a few days ago. Two new jetties (I am not sure whether this is the adequate word) donated and built by Japan have been inaugurated earlier this month. One is an extension of the existing jetty used by fishing vessels. The other is larger and intended for general cargo. Fishing vessels are not authorised yet to use their new jetty. For the time being it provides a nice, clean and easy place to alight with dinghies.

As for security, it is not very good. I have been assaulted on the street bordering the new fishing jetty, in daylight, by 3 men who threw me on the ground and stole my back pack containing all my money and documents. A lot of people were around at the time but did not offer any help. Police arrived more than one hour later and were definitely not very interested in my problem. Some of my documents, including traveller's cheques, trickled back the following day, but not through the police.

Permits are no longer necessary to visit FOGO and/or BRAVA islands. However one cannot officially leave the country from those islands and must return to Praia, Sal or Mindelo to retrieve the yacht documents which are held by the authorities. Not very convenient I am afraid.

Gilbert Hutin, aboard "Jacaré II" Porto da Praia, Ilha de Santiago