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Turkey - Security Not A Concern

By doina — last modified Apr 21, 2003 03:38 PM

Published: 2003-04-21 15:38:35
Countries: Turkey

In view of recent world events, Noonsite has received several queries from sailors concerning the security situation in various parts of the world, especially as regards US-flagged boats. In reponse to the latest query concerning Turkey, I received the following replies:

From Kemer Marina:

I would say Turkey and especially the cities on the coast are definitely much safer than many places in Europe or the States. Kind regards, Hasan Kacmaz

From US yachts:

  • We are Americans who have been cruising in the Med since '97 and have been in Turkey on and off since '00. We are presently wintering here in Kemer. In spite of all the recent problems in the Mid East we can say without qualification that we have had absolutely no problems with security or safefy since have been here in Kemer. I might also add that since we have been in Europe we have wintered in 6 different marinas. Kemer is by far the best. It is very well run by a competent and friendly staff. While not the least expensive it is certainly not the most. We are planning to be here again next winter.
  • We have been here in Kemer Marina for 2 years now, because it is safe here, and a great place to leave the boat. I feel safer here than in San Francisco where we are from, I dont have to be aware where I walk, over here. The Marina caters to crusers like no other place, its going to be hard to leave here.
  • This is our second year in Turkey and our second winter as liveaboards here at Kemer. This winter we have had over 60 yachts of liveaboards at Kemer from 14 western nations including 12 from the U.S. I think that we can speak for all the other U.S. cruisers here by saying that we have never felt threatened about being in Turkey. We feel very secure about cruising the Turkish coast and traveling to the wonderful cultural sites within Turkey. This summer we will cruise to the Adriatic and then return to Turkey for another season so you know that we feel secure here. The only security issues that we have heard about are that some insurance companies have put restrictions on yacht travel in the eastern Mediterranean. We are insured by Pantaenius of England and continue to have coverage for the complete Med. The Turkish people continue to be the most helpful, warm, hospitable people of any country that we have visited in the Med. They have always seemed to respect and admire America. Even though there have been tensions during the war, relationships seem to be back to normal now.
  • We're a U.S. family of 5 (3 small kids) in an U.S. registered sailboat. Before going to Turkey (last November), we were concerned about the security situation here. However, we have now been here over 5 months, and we feel completely safe here and we absolutely love both the country and the people. Even though we have made friends with numerous people here Turkey, with most of them being less enthusiastic about the war in Iraq, we have always felt completely safe and velcome in Turkey.