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Refuelling in the Marquesas

By doina — last modified May 03, 2004 11:17 AM

Published: 2004-05-03 11:17:02
Countries: French Polynesia , Galapagos , Panama

Can you please tell me if it would be possible to purchase approximately 1000 gallons of diesel fuel in the Marquesas? If so, where, and would it be at a dock and pumped into the vessel, or only be in 55 gallon drums. Also, would you know the approximate cost?

Your best bet will be on Nuku Hiva in Taiohae Bay. Yes, you should be able to get 1000 gal of fuel from the Total company. You could contact the main office (in Papeete) with your questions and eventually make prior arrangements. There is a dock there where the truck could come next to you (again check with them for draft clearance at the dock and for truck availability). The duty-free price is about 60 CFP/liter but it may be difficult to get that price in the Marquesas as Customs have to issue a special form that you have to give to the fuel company. Generally, the Customs (located in Papeete) may refuse to fax you the proper forms until you make formal entry in Tahiti. Duty-free fuel is about half of regular price so it's worth pursuing the matter! My recommendation again is to make prior arrangements with the fuel company and ask them about the duty-free status. They may be able to help in view of the volume of fuel purchased (different than the average sailor that needs about 100 gal!).

Total (689) 42 03 54 (Tahiti main office)/ (689) 92 06 18 (Nuku Hiva).