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USA, New Jersey & New York: Superstorm Sandy debris clean-up update

By — last modified May 05, 2013 08:46 PM
As many plan to cruise to northern latitudes this summer, New Jersey is feverishly working on clearing the ocean front and waterways of debris scattered by Superstorm Sandy.

Published: 2013-05-04 23:00:00
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Countries: USA

USA, New Jersey & New York: Superstorm Sandy debris clean-up update

Sandy aftermath: ©

Full report and many more details at

In late October, 2012, Superstorm Sandy dealt a devastating blow to marine facilities, navigation aids and channels along the New Jersey and New York coastlines. A few marinas in the surge area were lucky to suffer limited damage, but most were not so lucky. The storm also changed the coastline itself, adding new "inlets" and choking the northern NJ ICW and other channels with sunken boats, sand, silt and debris from buildings and piers washed away by the storm. Debris created hazards also along the oceanfront in shallower waters.

Immediately after the storm, most inlets were clear with services and anchorages available. Since then, a monumental rebuilding effort has been undertaken. The majority of marine facilities are either open or expect to reopen by the boating season, even in hard-hit areas. The New Jersey ICW and nearly all channels are open to navigation. Clean-up continues, and many areas are scheduled for dredging this spring.

Thinking of cruising north this summer?

New Jersey and New York will be open and waiting for you, and facilities should be plentiful. Whether you plan to travel inlet to inlet or on sections of the ICW, expect navigation and services to be nearly as usual. Some facilities may not have reopened for the season, and for others, capacities and amenities may have changed.

Waterway Guide regularly update their resource page so that you have the latest information.

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