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In Support of Trinidad

By Cruisers listed below. — last modified Oct 03, 2012 07:23 PM
All these reports were received from cruisers during September 2012 commenting on the current security situation in Trinidad for visiting cruising boats.

Published: 2012-10-03 19:23:27
Countries: Trinidad & Tobago

I accept that Trinidad has had its fair share of problems in the past, but the problems have been addressed by the cruising, business communities, the police and the marine authorities, which has improved the situation significantly. My husband and I have been sailing around, and spending signficant periods of time, on both the islands of Grenada and Trinidad for the past 10 years so I speak as an informed cruiser.
Anne Dunlop
SY Freya of Clyde

For your information, not only are most marinas and anchorages full of boats from all over the world, there is much less crime involving cruisers in Trinidad than there is (elsewhere in the Caribbean). In fact, having spent the last two hurricane seasons here, I am not aware of any dinghy or outboard thefts in Chaguaramas. Trinidad did have a serious problem with dinghy and outboard thefts a few years ago, but a concerted effort by the cruising and business communities joining forces with the police and marine authorities, has made Trinidad not only a wonderful place to visit and work on one's boat, but a model for what can happen when the authorities do not ignore what is happening in the cruising community.
Awilda Haskins
SV Liahona

Trinidad has very few and only occasional "security" issues for cruisers - far less than many other cruising destinations. I agree that rumours about Trinidad abound; most of these are begun by cruisers who have never visited this wonderful and exceptionally friendly and welcoming country. If you want the truth about Trinidad, ask the cruisers who visit once, then revisit again and again.
Steve Manley

My wife and I have been in Trinidad for the past 6 months. Over the past two years I have met many people who continue to spread rumours about crime and theft in Trinidad, but have no personal experience to draw from, just continue to rehash the old stories. I believe that Trinidad does not deserve the reputation that it seems to have garnered and I don't agree at all that cruisers have stopped going to Trinidad. The yards here are nearly full.......
Wade Alarie
SV Joana

We have stayed in Trinidad for the last 2 Hurricane seasons and while there is some pilfering, I would not say that is is such a big problem.  Crime is on the increase everywhere, so all precautions should be taken, but (the majority of the locals) do so much to ensure that we have a brilliant time while here. Apart from the wonderful social events hosted on the Island it is also my number one choice for getting serious work done. In general everyone here is helpful, polite and very hard working - ambassadors for the country - so much so that they have their own 'Facebook' page full to the brim with FAQs and lots of photos.
Sue Cummings
S/Y Piano
Currently in Trinidad

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