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Indian Ocean


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Jan-Nov 2015: Report of their Indian Ocean Crossing Guide by SV YOLO 2015 Indion Ocean Crossing Guide

May/June 2012: Indian Ocean Crossing (Maldives to Madagascar) by SY Sadiqi -


Tanzania, Tanga: A comprehensive update

Update for Red Sea Passage and Cochin India

Cruising East Africa, Tanzania: A great place to sit out the cyclone season

A Passage from the Seychelles to Kenya

The Challenge of Passage Planning in the SW Indian Ocean

Cyclone patterns in SW Indian Ocean

Six weeks in the Maldives - a couple of weeks too long

South Indian Ocean Passage: Chagos to Rodrigues 2017

Northern Red Sea Passage: Security and Other Concerns March 2017

Is it safe to cross the Indian Ocean and transit the Red Sea to the Mediterranean?

Transiting from Maldives to Djibouti in March 2017

Indian Ocean Charm: From Thailand to the Cape of Good Hope

Crossing the Indian Ocean Guide 2015

Madagascar Cruising Notes

African Ocean Blues: From the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean

Singapore to Sunda Strait, Indonesia in August 2015

SE Asia to the Med in Convoy through the Gulf of Aden

Maldives to the Red Sea: Travelling solo through the HRA (High Risk Area)

Crossing the Indian Ocean - May 2014

Malaysia to Turkey

Indian Ocean - West to East

Question About Mozambique Current

Question on South Indian Ocean routing

Cocos Keeling to Perth, Australia

Best time of year to cross the Indian Ocean?

Malaysia, Langkawi to South Africa (via Cocos Keeling )

Northern Indian Ocean - Advice Sought

The Mauritius Meteorological Service prepares a very detailed short term forecast for the Southern Indian Ocean.
Tel. 302 6071, 686 1031.
It covers the complete GMDSS Area VIII, including relevant storm warnings and valuable weather interpretations. However, the forecasting is segmented into sub-regions, 1 thru 7, that are not identifiedin terms of latitude and longitude.  To actually use the forecast you need to be able to identify the sub-region locations.
To download a pdf copy of the map (courtesy of SY Crystal Blues June 2015), click here.

Indian Ocean Cruising Bloggers
A useful list of cruising bloggers who crossed the Indian Ocean in 2015, by SV Totem. A mix of thoughtful perspectives, good writing, great photographs and good videos.
Ocean current data for passages
Ocean currents are a significant factor when planning an Ocean passage, and if researched properly can be used to your benefit. In this report by circumnavigators SY Totem, they outline the considerations for a passage from Madagascar to South Africa and the resources they used.
Preparing for the Indian Ocean
Posted October 2014.
Family cruising yacht SV Totem has published an excellent article on their blog outlining the considerations and possible routes for crossing the Indian Ocean from Malaysia to South Africa.
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