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March 2015: New information posted on noonsite

By Sue Richards last modified Sep 04, 2017 10:40 AM
A very Happy Easter to everyone! Here is the summary of what was posted on noonsite last month, both by contributing cruisers and the noonsite team. It’s an opportunity for you to find out what you missed and hopefully encourage you to feed back some information from the area you are currently cruising. Thank you to everyone who viewed noonsite last month and found time to contribute port/country updates and cruising reports for the site. We greatly appreciate your feedback and assistance in helping keep noonsite such a useful and up to date resource for the worldwide cruising community.

Published: 2015-04-01 23:00:00

Comments from cruisers continue to be on the increase and it’s great to be hearing from so many of you that use noonsite and have made the effort to register. Please remember however to keep your comments short and report only on first hand experiences. If you have longer reports to submit (more than a few paragraphs), you can send these directly to the editorial team at [email protected].

You can read a selection of the comments posted last month further down the page.

For all the latest information, updates and news posted on last month, read on . . .


(See Piracy/Security Reports & News from last month further down)


Dominica: Sailing article by SAIL Magazine

Dominica: Cruising Reports

St Kitts & Nevis: Cruising Information

St Martin: Cruising Updates

Central America

Panama Canal Agents: Cruisers' Recommendations

South America

Suriname: Information for Cruisers


Cyprus: Wintering in Limassol

Turkey: Blue Card Waste Disposal System - latest situation

North Indian Ocean & Red Sea

Maldives: Clearing in at Male

Maldives to the Red Sea: Travelling solo through the HRA (High Risk Area)

Sri Lanka, Trincomalee: From war zone to cruising port – parts 1 & 2

Sri Lanka, Trincomalee: Arrival and Clearance in Detail

Sri Lanka: Cruising Information

Southern Indian Ocean

South Africa, Cape Town: Recommendation for Royal Cape Yacht Club

South East Asia & East Asia

Thailand South: Check-in at Koh Lipe

South Pacific

Australia Clearance: Cruisers Report

Fiji, Vanua Levu, Savusavu: Local information and security update

Galapagos: Chosen Island San Cristobal - a decision we did not regret

New Caledonia: Clearance & Cruising Information

New Zealand, North Island, Whangarei: Reports from Cruisers

Samoa: New free cruising guide by SY Outsider Australia

Solomon Islands: Cruising through the Solomons during Cyclone Season

South Atlantic Islands

Ascension Island: Cruising Updates

St. Helena: Cruising Updates


British Virgin Islands: Confusion over New Fees

Egypt: No more visa on arrival

Haiti, Ile a Vache: Lovely visit

Indonesia: Plans to ease the issuing of entry permits for yachts

New Zealand: French cruisers fined $3000 for concealing pate on board

Panama, San Blas: Navigation Warning

Vanuatu: First aid reaches islands ravaged by Cyclone Pam

Vanuatu: How you can help with the relief effort

Venezuela: Deterioration in United States - Venezuela Relations Impact Cruisers


Brazil, Ilha de Itaparica: Three separate incidents in a week

Colombia, Cartagena: Attempted Dingy Theft

Fiji, Vanua Levu, Savusavu: Local information and security update

Papua New Guinea, Alotau: Robbed by a gang with bush knives

St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Canouan: Burglary at night

Venezuela, Morrocoy National Park: Three local motorboats held hostage and ransacked


Indian Ocean: Cape Town to Phuket - Missing Catamaran

Southern Indian Ocean: Missing South African yacht search focuses west of Perth, Australia


Bonaire: Mooring line parted

Colombia, Santa Marta: New amendment to Customs Procedures

Croatia: “Milked” every day

Cuba: Visa information

Curacao: Recommendation for Santa Cruz Bay

Dominican Republic, Samana: Restricted movement, inefficiency and anti-social music

Greece, Symi: Mooring difficulties

Grenada, Carriacou, Tyrell Bay: Update for local services

Guam: Good updates for mooring and services

India, Andaman Islands: Agent recommendation

Malaysia, Borneo Rivers: Useful feedback from cruisers

Mexico, Majahual: Advice needed re. checking in

Panama, Balboa: Rigging supplies

Spain, Minorca, Mahon: Suggestions for finding supplies

Spain, Sevilla: Well worth the effort

Sri Lanka, Galle: Recommendations

St. Martin: Fees

St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Canouan: Recommendation for marine services

USA: Clearance was easy and straightforward

Vanuatu, Anelcauhat: Permission to land



Pacific Ocean Radio Nets

Cruising Information

Caribbean Volunteer Projects

Micronesia: Books for Schools - how you can help

The Cost of Cruising


Ocean Health Monitoring

Solomon Islands: OceansWatch Trial a Climate Change Adaptation Programme

Useful Websites

Caribbean Cruisers' Facebook Groups

EURail: Rail travel in Europe

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How to get more out of noonsite

Whilst noonsite continues to be a free resource with no log-in required, there are some ways you can get more involved with the site:

Register with noonsite: This is quick and simple to set-up. Being registered means you can contribute comments to all ports, countries and reports on noonsite. A simple way to pass on quick recommendations, comment on service done on your boat or feedback any new port information you have encountered. Please remember that comments are moderated and may take 24-48 hours before approval. Please keep comments short.

E-mail us with updates and reports: Those of you with more detailed updates for noonsite (i.e. more than just a paragraph which is suitable to post as a comment) can still pass these on to the noonsite team at [email protected] and they will be used for site updates and/or published as a noonsite report. Try to include as much information as you can about places visited, routes taken, contact details etc. and don’t forget to send us a photo or two as well. This e-mail can also be used for any questions you need answered too.

Follow us on Twitter: Getting very close to 1000 followers (@NoonsiteEditor) is the perfect way to receive notice of site updates, new info. as it is added, news relevant to cruising sailors and any useful articles we want to share with our followers. A great way to get easy access to what’s going on in the cruising world. Follow us now and help us reach 1000 followers this month!

Get involved with our Forums at where you will find 3 cruising forums; Weather & Routing, Convoys & Cruising in Company and the Cockpit Locker (for buying and selling 2nd hand boat equipment).

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