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January 2016: New information posted on noonsite

By Sue Richards last modified Feb 09, 2016 10:25 PM
Find out what you missed last month with our round-up of all the new cruising reports, port updates, news, recommendations, comments and other interesting titbits that were posted during January on noonsite.

Published: 2016-02-09 00:00:00

2016 is well and truly underway with major boat shows completed and cruisers land-bound for the winter starting to think about Spring and getting out on the water again. For many of our readers however, they continue to live on board, cruising onwards as they explore new countries and coastlines.

Thank you to everyone who found the time to contribute comments, updates and cruising reports to noonsite last month.

We are committed to maintaining noonsite as THE place to go online for worldwide cruising sailors, so watch out for continued improvements to the site over the next few months.

If you use noonsite regularly, please consider helping us with our running and development costs by making a small donation.

Thank you very much to everyone who made donations last month and also to our group of dedicated advertisers - whose decision to advertise on noonsite helps keep it free for users as well as being good for their business!

All the latest information posted on last month can be found below.



Anguilla: Checking in at Road Bay

Antigua: The 2 best places to anchor

Aruba, Oranjestad: Recommendation for electronics & electrical repair

Bahamas: Step-by-step to getting a Bahamas Pet Import

Bahamas, Long Island: Supplies needed for schools

Barbados: Arriving direct from an Atlantic crossing

Dominica: Boat Boys, Rum Punch and Beautiful Scenery

Dominican Republic: Painless formalities at Casa de Campo

Puerto Rico, Puerto Real: Positive experience reported

St. Martin: Checking-in Update

St. Martin (French side): Clearance Update

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Bequia Moorings

North America

Entering the USA: Confused and Stuck

South America

Chile: New Strict Quarantine Laws

Chile: Updates for Puerto Williams and beyond

Uruguay, Piriapolis: Port Works complete

Venezuela, Porlamar: Update from local cruiser

Central America

Honduras: Problems with clearing-in at Coxen Hole

Honduras, Roatan: Fantasy Island Marina – a fun venue for cruisers in French Harbour

Panama: Canal Agent recommendation

Panama: Procedures for Transiting the Canal - updated

Panama: Linton Bay Marina

Panama, Portobelo: Does anyone know a good sailmaker?

Panama, San Blas: Important Notice about proposed new fees

Panama, San Blas: Checking in at Porvenir


Croatia: Port police fines

Greece, Eastern Sporades: Samos for the winter?

Italy: Local offers cruising advice

Italy: Cruising tips

Turkey, Izmir, Levent Marina: Staying here the winter

Western Africa

South Africa, Cape Town: Positive feedback for the RCYC

North Atlantic Islands

Canary Islands, Fuerteventura: An interesting stay in Corralejo

South Indian Ocean

A Guide to Crossing the Indian Ocean

BIOT (Chagos): Did you visit during the 80’s or 90’s? Can you help with some research?

Mozambique: A Cruising Guide

South East Asia & East Asia

Indonesia: Opportunity to help in Komodo

Indonesia, Jayapura: Entering Indonesia here a CAIT is still very much needed

Indonesia: Jayapura via Raja Ampat (Sorong), Ambon, Wangi-Wangi (Sulawesi), Komodo, Bali (Serangan) and Kalimantan

Indonesia: Checking out of Indonesia in Kumai, Kalimantan

Malaysia (between Miri and Tanjung Siri): Navigation Warning Unlit Oil Platform

Malaysia, Langkawi: Updates after a month’s stay

Malaysia, Johor Bahru: Good report on Senibong Cove Marina

Philippines, Carmen: 3 months in Zeke’s Yard

Thailand, Phuket: Ao Po Grand Marina Updates

North Pacific

FSM, Kosrae: Visiting fees for yachts reduced

South Pacific

Galapagos: Cruising Information for the Islands of San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabela

PNG, Vanimo: General Information for visiting yachts


Azores: Hurricane Conditions expected over the central Azores

Caribbean Rescue: Five days adrift off the coast of the Bahamas

Caribbean, Dominica: A new mooring field in Prince Rupert's Bay will be celebrated at the P.A.Y.S. "Yachtie Appreciation Week"

Fiji: Vuda Point Marina shortlisted in two categories for the ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards

Guyana: French-flagged yacht found adrift with dead man and dead dog on board

Indian Ocean: Long-Distance Cruising Couple have to abandon their yacht between Reunion and Madagascar

UK Coastguard warning after two American yachtsmen spark multiple rescues

USA: New Requirement for ALL Foreign-Flagged Boats


Belize, Middle Long Cay: Armed boarding, robbery & sexual assault

BVIs, Great Harbour: Dinghy stolen from transom in White Bay

Puerto Rico, Vieques, Esperanza: Dinghy & outboard stolen

St. Lucia, Rodney Bay Inner Lagoon: Deck Gear stolen from unoccupied yacht on private dock - December 2015

St. Martin, Marigot Bay: Local Gendarmes warn of increased crime in area

St. Martin, Marigot Bay: Yacht boarded, owners threatened, theft

St. Martin, Marigot Bay: Dinghy stolen from ferry dock

SVG, Bequia, Princess Margaret Beach: Armed Robbery at Dinghy Dock

Reports of Piracy in the Caribbean - The OCC working to combat this threat

Summary of Security & Piracy Reports sent to noonsite 2015


Books,Charts and DVDs

Free Cruising Guides announce newly updated Caribbean Island Guides

Cruising Information

Regulations: The importance of clearing-in first before going ashore

The Q Flag: What it means and when to fly it

Storing Documents on Board

The Cost of Cruising

Can you work while Cruising?

Plant a Garden on a Cruising Boat


Atlantic Sargasso Weed: On-going Research Update


Top ways to use your tablet or iPad on board your boat – Yachting World

Cruising Equipment - What's your most valuable list?

AIS versus Radar – Ocean Navigator


Authorities in Mallorca (Spain) accepting Gibraltar as non-EU

Schengen Survey for Cruisers

Global Yachting Services

Fuel Prices Around the World


Cruising Rally between the Philippines and Indonesia in 2016

World ARC 2016-17: Circumnavigation Rally Sets Sail from Saint Lucia

2015 Sail2Indonesia Rally Report

Safety & Medical

How Many First Aid Boxes?


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#CDC Issue Travel Alert for the #Caribbean - mosquito-borne #Zika virus:

#Thailand #Phuket Important Notice for #Yachts re Entry Formalities …

Devastating fire gutted two floors of the Annapolis Yacht Club

Google Earth #navigation: how to sail off the #chart with confidence using #satellite imagery

It may be January, but there is some unusual tropical activity in the Atlantic & Pacific oceans

#Cuba Bound? New guide to North Coast by #WaterwaysGuide …

#USA: New #Florida Bill to Eliminate Several #Anchorages …

#Panama #SanBlas Adventures in Guna Yala - fantastic cruising ground but challenging navigation

DIY antifouling survey results announced

A Fresh Welcome for #Cruising Boats In #SriLanka …

NOAA has released their revamped radar app for iOS9.

Faulty #Heater: If the companionway had been closed or 45 more minutes had passed, I would be dead. …

#Cruising the #Pacific North West? Download the Waggoner Cruising Guide for free at …

#Routing Advice N #Europe to #US in April-May via #Madeira & #Bermuda? Can you help this cruiser? #Transatlantic …

CRASH TEST BOAT! See how we cope with a dismasting in a gale #sailingskills #dismasting …

How to make money from your boat … #sailing

More great tips from Carolyn #Shearlock - #Sunscreen that doesn't kill the #coral - …

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