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February 2019: New information posted on noonsite

By Sue Richards last modified Mar 26, 2019 02:37 PM
Here is our round-up of cruising reports, news, feedback, recommendations, comments and port updates that were posted on noonsite during February.

Published: 2019-03-26 00:00:00
Topics: Report Summaries

February 2019: New information posted on noonsite

Cruising in Guyana - courtesy of SY Kaka

New site updates, new cruising reports, new feedback and great cruising news for all our readers.

Find out what you missed in February with this round up of everything new on noonsite.

A big thank you to all who contributed last month and continue to send us updates, port information and post comments. Without you noonsite would not be half the useful resource it is.

Worldwide Port Updates & Country Cruising Reports


Selected Cruisers' VHF Nets in the Islands
Small Caribbean Island's Waste Management: How Cruisers can Help
BVIs: Useful updates on all the favourite cruising spots
BVIs: All Formalities updated
Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman: Checking in and out
Cayman Islands: Formalities updated
Dominica: First stop after the Atlantic crossing and we had an awesome time...
Dominica, Roseau: Not what we expected
Martinique, St Pierre: A varied and enjoyable stop
Martinique: Cruisers Facebook page
SVG, Bequia: Welcome to Paradise!
Sint Maarten, Simpson Bay: Navigation and bridge updates
USVI's: National Park Information and Moorings added
USVI's: Formalities and all country information updated

Central America

Honduras Islands: Cruising to the Swan and Guanaja Islands
Mexico, Caribbean Side: Clearing in and out - Cruisers' Experiences
Mexico, Cozumel: Does anyone have experience of Marina Fonatur?

South America

Brazil, Ilhabela: Taking the Southern Route to the Ilhabela Yacht Club
Brazil, Morro do Sao Paolo: The old yacht club is now a disco
Chile: Cruising the Channels in Patagonia
Colombia: A visit to Puerto Velero
Ecuador: 6 months at Puerto Lucia Yacht Club
Guyana: Formalities and country information updated


Croatia: Can anyone recommend a safe marina for a 45ft cat?
Greece, Andros: Fined for being a few days late with the DEKPA stamp
Greece, Kos: Fined for being 3 days late with the DEKPA stamp
Greece, Santorini: Recommended anchorage
Tunisia, Yasmine Hammamet: Expect the authorities to ask for a 'gift'

Western Europe & North Atlantic Islands

Canary Islands: Updates on availability of Gas (LPG)
Canary Islands, Lanzarote: Lava Chandlers for marine supplies
Canary Islands, Tenerife, San Miguel: We will not be returning in a hurry!
Canary Islands, Tenerife: Boatyard recommendation
Portugal, Lisbon & Cascais; Rigger recommendation

West Africa & South Atlantic Islands

South Africa, Port Elizabeth: Port updated

South East Asia & East Asia

Indonesia, Lombok: A Cruiser Project after the Earthquake
Japan, Ogasawara Islands: Facilities for yachts in Futami
Thailand, Koh Chang: Marina recommendation

North Pacific Islands

Guam: 99% US, so a lot of formalities!

South Pacific Islands

Galapagos: Agent recommendation
NZ, Fiordland: Useful link for information

Sail South Pacific Cruising Guides
Solomon Islands: Marovo Lagoon information added
Vanuatu, Asanvari Bay: Wanting information on the state of the hydro plant

North Indian Ocean & Red Sea

Djibouti: Costs and agents
Egypt: Warning for yachts undertaking a Suez Canal Transit
Eritrea: Emergency stop for fuel
Federated States of Micronesia: The importance of proper documentation prior to arrival
Maldives: Island Sailors Maldives Pvt, Ltd.
Maldives, Uligamo: Agent recommendation
Sri Lanka: A tremendous country and well worth the visit



01 Feb - Pacific Ocean, Hawaii: Burning car carrier Sincerity Ace abandoned

12 Feb - UK: The OCC Announces Awards for 2018

12 Feb - Honduras, Bay Islands: Vessel Wrecked on Roatan Reef

18 Feb - Caribbean: Sargassum coverage significantly higher than most years since 2011

26 Feb - Solomon Islands: Major Fee Increase for Visiting Yachts

27 Feb - Solomon Islands, Rennel Island: Environmental Concerns as Bulk Carrier Runs Aground

27 Feb - Venezuela: Closing of Sea Border Adds Risk to Southern Caribbean

28 Feb - Fiji & Tonga: Cat 3 Cyclone passes between Fiji & Tonga



Summary of Security and Piracy Reports 2018

Information Partners with the Caribbean Safety & Security Net (CSSN)

British Virgin Islands: Police warn boaters about a rise in dinghy theft
Caribbean Safety & Security Net Precaution Resources
Dominica, Soufriere: Yacht Burgled - February 2019
Martinique, Le Marin, Zanzibar Dinghy Dock: Locked Dinghy Stolen - February 2019
St. Lucia, Rodney Bay, Gros Islet: Dinghy and outboard theft - January 2019
Saint Lucia, Rodney Bay: Dinghy and Outboard Theft - February 2019
Saint Lucia, Rodney Bay, Reduit Beach: Attempted dinghy theft - February 2019
Saint Lucia, Vieux Fort: Burgled in Daylight - February 2019
SVG, Union Island, Clifton Harbour: Attempted Burglary - January 2019
SVG, Bequia Admiralty Bay, Port Elizabeth: Dinghy contents stolen - February 2019
St. Vincent, Cumberland Bay: Evening Boarding & Theft - February 2019
Trinidad & Tobago: Statement from YSATT re. capture of 5 Trinidadian fishermen in Venezuela


Guatemala, Livingston: Dinghy and Outboard Theft - February 2019
Honduras, Roatan, West End: Yacht Boarded & Outboard Stolen - February 2019

Ireland, Kinsale: Outboard Theft - February 2019

Panama, Portobelo: Violent Armed Robbery - January 2019
Philippines, Romblon Island: Yacht cut free from mooring - January 2019



Cruisers Websites

Portrait of a Cruiser - Maryanne and Kyle Webb
Ten Year Circumnavigation


The Book of Sail - Gadgets and Ideas for the Cruising Sailor


World Cruising Club e-News


Mediterranean: Abnormal Weather - The New Norm?

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