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February 2017: New information posted on noonsite

By Sue Richards last modified Mar 10, 2017 12:36 PM
Discover what you missed last month with our round-up of all the new information, port and country updates, comments and reports from the cruising community that were posted on noonsite in February. Note that all broken links have now been corrected - apologies for any confusion.

Published: 2017-03-09 00:00:00

There's also a selection of interesting tweets, security reports and worldwide cruising news.

Noonsite's Italian ports have been overhauled over the last few months and are now up to date and full of useful information for those planning on some Italian cruising this season. See Noonsite Italy. If you visit this year, do share any updates with us and send us your port/marina photos to add to the site.

Thank you to everyone who has found time to contribute to noonsite, and remember, it’s as simple as emailing the team on [email protected] with as little or as much feedback as you can send us. Further details at the end of this report on other ways to contribute to noonsite and send us your cruising reports.

As always, a very big thank you to all our readers who supported noonsite with a small donation last month and also to our new advertisers – all of you are helping to keep noonsite a valuable and free service for the cruising community.

A summary of all the new information posted on noonsite during February can be found below.




Aruba Customs & Immigration: Conditions improved for arriving yachts

Cuba, Havana: Hazard warning for Marina Hemingway

Cuba, South Coast: Closed ports for transient vessels

Cuba, Maria La Gorda: Closed

Dominica, Roseau: Moorings information

Dominica: Did not live up to our expectations

Dominican Republic: Coastguard Small Craft Warnings

Grenada, Mt Hartman Bay: A month in Secret Harbour

Martinique – Saint Lucia: Struck by a whale

St. Martin, Great Bay: Looking for a current detailed chart

USVIs: Ease of getting “US visas” here


Central America

Panama: Canal Transit delays

Panama: New Immigration rules lack clarity


South America

Colombia to Rio Dulce Cruising Guide



Greece, Crete, Agios Nikolaos Marina: Lots more feedback from cruisers about wintering here

Greece, Preveza: Agent recommendation

Italy, Roccella Ionica: Wintering in the Mediterranean

Malta, Marsamxett Harbour, Msida Marina: Updates from Cruisers

Turkey, Bodrum: Fuel and services information


Western Europe & North Atlantic Islands

Canary Islands, Fuerteventura: An update for Morro Jable

Canary Islands, Gran Canaria: Plastimo liferafts can be serviced in Las Palmas

Canary Islands to Cape Verdes: Safe distance off African coast

Cape Verdes, Mindelo: A week anchored in the Bay of São Pedro

Cape Verdes, Palmeira (Sal): Useful updates from a recent visit

Portugal, Nazare: Useful information


Northern Europe

Estonia: Small ports on the eastern Gulf of Finland are developing fast

Finland: Six Finnish ports participating in the 30 miles project


South East Asia & East Asia

Indonesia, West Papua, Sorong: Leaving our boat at Helena Marina

Malaysia, Penang: Project manage your liferaft service

Philippines, Palawan: Considerations if planning on cruising here

Thailand, Krabi Boat Lagoon: Recommendation

Thailand, Phuket: Boatyard and Worker recommendations

Notes on a trip from Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia to Subic Bay, Philippines


South Indian Ocean

Tanzania Cruising Notes


North Pacific Islands

Marshall Islands: Highly inflated fees at Bikini Atoll


South Pacific Islands

Fiji: Comments on yacht services

French Polynesia: Obtaining a FP Long Stay Visa – Revised

French Polynesia, Marquesas: Nuku Hiva In Five Days

French Polynesia: Fact or Myth - Food in FP is exorbitantly expensive



The Ocean Cruising Club Awards for 2016: Noonsite awarded The Geoff Pack Memorial Trophy

UK Coastguard: VHF Channel changes coming in 2017

Atlantic Rescue: Coast Guard Rescues Austrian Boater from Life Raft

Azores to UK: Clyde Challenger dismasted - crew rescued

Thailand, Krabi: Port Takola, a new yacht marina, will start operation in February 2017


Information Partners with the
Caribbean Safety & Security Net (CSSN)

Sea Kidnappings Rise Despite Plummeting Global Piracy

Caribbean: CSSN Annual Report 2016 Reported Yacht Crime

Bonaire, Kralendijk: Cruising Couple robbed at gunpoint on way back to marina - February 2017

Dominican Republic, Boca Chica, Marina Zarpar: Violent Nightime Robbery - January 2017

Dominican Republic, Boca Chica: Armed boarding & Robbery - February 2017

Fiji, Suva: Armed attempted robbery - cruiser attacked - January 2017

Puerto Rico, Spanish Virgin Islands, Vieques, Esperanza: Dinghy and outboard thefts continue

Saint Lucia, Soufriere, Bat Caves: Burgled while ashore - February 2017

Passage Ceuta, Strait of Gibraltar, to Rabat, Morocco: Attempted boarding



Cruising Information

Creating a Passage Plan

Float Plan Registry

Sailing & Cruising with Pets

Dogs on Boats 101

Global Yachting Services

Latitude 38's Free Digital Crew Lists

Floatplan - Free crew finding website

Powerboat and Sailboat Insurance Comparison

Safety & Medical

Grab Bag: How to prepare an emergency ditch bag


Darwin to Ambon Yacht Race & Rally


Forecast Areas around Southern Africa



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Retweet: World Cruising Club‏ @ARCrally Feb 1
WhatsApp Onboard? Cost effective solutions for keeping crews connected from @mailasail …

Retweet: Ocean Cruising Club @OCC_org  Feb 4
Here's the kind of question climate scientists are trying to answer: how stable is the AMOC

Retweet: Sailors for the Sea‏ @SailorsforSea Feb 7
Anyone noticed a #seaweed invasion in the #Caribbean@SEA_Semester did and they told us why it's happening.

Retweet: RCCPF‏ @RCCPF Feb 15
FCO advice to yachts planning to visit Chagos Archipelago (British Indian Ocean Territory)

Retweet: Yachting World‏ @yachtingworld Feb 22 Telemedicine for cruisers beyond the reach of an airlift‏ @NoonsiteEditor Feb 28
French #Polynesia #Tahiti Cruising services guide by SY Jacaranda‏ @NoonsiteEditor Mar 1
Excellent explanation of the workings of #weather forecasts. Wondering about the weather and how to get forecasts while you are cruising? Viki of Astrolabe Sailing has...

Retweet: Prof Sean Chamberlin‏ @scxq28 Feb 27
Super cool website with whale illustrations accompanied by their sounds. …

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