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Piracy Reports 2008


Please note that whilst these pages are grouped under "Piracy", they in fact relate to yacht security (in some cases piracy) and include reports on security incidents against yachts and cruisers.


2008 - Piracy Round-Up for the Year

Guatemala, Rio Dulce - Fatal Pirate Attack 2008 - Updates

Caribbean, St. Lucia, Soufriere - Robbery

Solomon Islands, Tulagi - Armed Boardings

Red Sea - Safe Haven in Yemen

Costa Rica Pirates – Cruisers Be Aware

Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka - Possibly Piracy or Possibly Not

Venezuela, Isla Borracha - Fatal Pirate Attack

Ecuador, near Punta Pedernales - Armed Robbery and Attack

Guatemala, Rio Dulce - More Armed Robberies Reported

Indian Ocean, Comoros Archipelago - Alarming Situation in Mayotte -

Gulf of Aden - Our Experience, August 2008

Gulf of Aden, Somalia - French Luxury Cruise Ship Hijacked

Venezuela, Central Litoral Coast, Marina de Caraballeda - Robbery and Fatal Shooting

Gulf of Aden, Somalia - French Yacht Hijacked

Corsica - Armed Robbery of Super Yacht

Gulf of Aden, Somalia - German Couple Siezed by Pirates

Caribbean, Dominica, Roseau - Yacht Boarded

Sri Lanka - Yacht Pursued off the Sri Lankan Coast

Venezuela, Margarita, Porlamar - More Thefts and Incidents

Canary Islands, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Burglary

Caribbean, St. Vincent, Chateaubelair - Armed Robbery

Jamaica, Morant Point - Attempted Attack

Venezuela, 10 miles from Puerto Santos - Attack on British Yacht

Venezuela, Off NE Coast - Armed Boarding and Robbery

Venezuela, Margarita, Porlamar - Spate of Robberies

Nicaragua, Moskito Coast - Possible Piracy Problem

Caribbean, Dominica - Boarded and Robbed

Indonesia, Eastern Moluccas, Tanimbar Islands - Armed Robbery

Red Sea, Eritrea - Yachts Pursued

Guatemala, Lake Izabal - Armed Boarding and Theft

Venezuela, Puerto Santos - Yacht Boarding

Brazil, Belem - Armed Robbery

Papua New Guinea, Wewak - Yacht boarded by armed men

Sri Lanka, East of Galle - Possible Attempted Attack

Venezuela, Isla De Margarita - Yacht Robbed and Crew Member Shot

Pirates Desert Malacca Straits for African Waters

Fiji, Viti Levu, Natovi Jetty: Armed robbery and cruisers attacked

Eritrea: Yacht Pursued

Venezuela to Trinidad: Sailing Boat Shot At

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