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Honduras, Guanaja Island, Bonacca: Deck Gear Stolen at Night - February 2012

By Sue Richards last modified Sep 26, 2012 09:16 PM

Published: 2012-03-12 12:10:00
Topics: Piracy Reports 2012
Countries: Honduras

We were anchored just west of Bonacca town in front of the Port Captains office on 25 February 2012. Lots of local boats pass by here between the main Island and Bonacca town, however we were the only sailboat in the anchorage.

We had arrived late, so were anchored overnight in order to check-in next morning before we moved to a safer anchorage at El Bight. The dinghy was on deck and the outboard locked on the aft pushpit bar.

During the night while we were sleeping, we were boarded and the thieves cut away and stole our mainsail and foresail sheets. Nothing other than ropes were stolen. They have cut coiled up ropes for sails and also for the dinghy hoist.

I went to the police station to report the theft, but they only speak Spanish and I don't. I also told the owner at the Texaco fuel station and he felt sorry for the situation but informed us that he was surprised and that it normally is safe on the Island.

Our general feeling after we left the Island a week later is that it is safe, but minor thefts such as this can happen anywhere.

We recommend anchoring together with other boats where it is possible. Lock the boat when you sleep. VHF stand-by on the same channels as the other boats. Have an alarm horn on deck ready to switch on from the inside. Minimize items on deck, lift and lock the dinghy etc...

Obvious things for long distance sailors of course.

Ulf Bergers
s/y Liberator
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