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Endau River, Johor: Yacht Rammed by Fishing Trawler

By Sue Richards last modified Apr 27, 2014 11:39 AM
See an update from Terry & Ana 18 months later at bottom of report.

Published: 2012-09-08 16:50:00
Topics: Safety and Medical
Countries: Malaysia

A warning to other yachts in this area.

Our steel 28 foot British registered yacht was rammed by a fishing trawler at the mouth of the Endau River, Johor, Malaysia, in open waters on the night of the 23rd of August at 22.30 in position, 2deg.41.243N 103deg. 41.125E.

We were in the process of being towed by a local boat, as we had transmission problems, and were at anchor in company with the towing vessel - both vessels displaying adequate anchor lights, waiting for the high tide to enter the Endau River.

An inbound fishing trawler hit our yacht amidships on the port side causing extensive damage both inside and outside. The fishing trawler quickly went astern, then ahead at speed towards the port without stopping or checking to see if anyone was hurt, or if we were taking on water. A hit and run.

We were unable to see the trawler registration number as it was too dark, and we were in shock to have the presence of mind to take a photo. Reports have been made to the local police, port office, and the maritime authority, with little result to date.

Our yacht is now hauled out in Prospect Dockyard in Tanjung Gomok, and we have moved ashore as the yacht is too badly damaged to live in.

Terry & Ana Penton-Ford
Yacht "Si Hai"

Update from Terry & Ana - March 2014

We are finally back in the water following VERY extensive repairs to 'SI HAI' our steel yacht which was hit by a fishing trawler off the Endau river Pahang. Malaysia in August 2012.

Despite lengthy reports to the relevant authorities, no investigation appears to taken place in all this time.

The boat suffered quite a bit of deterioration whilst hard standing in Prospect Dockyard due mainly to government boats being sandblasted, and in some cases right next to us.  Anyone wishing to haul out here would be wise to check in advance, in case sandblasting is scheduled.  Despite many delays and frustrations we managed to get the boat looking good again.