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Impressions of Almerimar

By Sue Richards last modified Aug 29, 2017 10:57 PM

Published: 2014-11-03 06:50:00
Countries: Spain

Posted by Hugh Moore - 2 November, 2014

We spent a month in Almerimar, and once again it proved that for us it was the perfect place to stop and effect repairs before leaving the Mediterranean. Almerimar has no real attraction for tourism, other than the beaches, but for having everything you need in one convenient stop it is hard to beat. There are two well-stocked chandleries, one British owned and the other Spanish. You can find just about anything you need between hose two.

We found the services of Inox Almerimar Stainless repair invaluable once again. The owner, Stuart, is as creative and innovative as any metal worker you will ever meet. He repaired blocks, welded engine parts, crafted a custom swim ladder (amazing work), and helped us solve a myriad of other problems. This is the best resource you will find for anything metal related.

Also we had great results from A&C (Angela and Colin Cuberos) services, phone 669 277171. Angela measured and remade all of our interior upholstery and repaired a canvas stackpack, all to perfection and at a very reasonable price. Easy to work with and very talented, she alone was worth the visit to Almerimar. Her husband Colin is a rigger and provided us with a rigging inspection and some minor repairs, also for a very reasonable price. They are highly recommended.

Almerimar is inexpensive, it has fuel, a real supermarket, loads of great restaurants, great internet, and an environment conducive to cruisers. Recommended.

Posted by John Tyler - June 10, 2014

Very welcoming marina. Excellent English spoken by Paco & Fumi at the capitanaria. Interesting marina layout. Lots of boats for sale. Big yard for servicing/repairs etc & English/Spanish spoken there. Some excellent restaurants too. Highly recommended. Low winter charges too [€3K/yr for 12 m boat].

Almerimar / Almeria 
Time of Visit: March 2014

* Location: Some 20 miles SW of Almeria with its airport and plenty daily international flights.
* Approach:  Very easy – even at night; Just follow the lit buoys marking the canal for the entry. It’s wide and comfortable to navigate. Once inside there is lots of room to turn and get ready for docking. If no one answers calling in on Ch.9 VHF just tie up at the reception berth, next to the fuel station and right in front of the conspicuous office tower.
* The basin is huge with plenty of free spaces up to 30m no problem.
* Ample depth even for our 3m draft
* Good rates – at least in winter! We did pay € 27.00/day (18m berth)
Absolutely excellent rates for wintering. (We were quoted some € 2.300.00 for 6 month!)
Hardly surprising that there seems to be quite a large community wintering in Almerimar.
* Standard Electricity-Plug, No adaptor needed  –Electronic access key cards to access the facilities and the pier during night time.
* Staff is friendly and quite international.  Marineros are professional and competent.
* Infrastructure: Surrounding the port there is an artificial tourist village. Home to many vacation apartments but also offering a fair range of pubs, bars, Cafes and restaurants as well as the odd shop and yacht-brokerage.  Of course we did visit in Winter so the noise level during season is hard to judge, but the type of establishments do not look like they would cater to the party-crowd.
A large supermarket is located within the complex and in walking distance.
Rather unique: There is a special area for motor-homes to park and stay (right in front of the office tower)
* Facilities: Clean and nice Toilets and Showers accessible with key-card. .
* Two Coin-Laundries on site – maybe even more, but those I have seen.
* Pay-Wifi – but there is a number of bars & restaurants that offer WiFi for free
* Piers accessible for cars but one needs a special code on the key-cards. Access to Marina for the public is only in theory restricted. Gates are wide open.
* There is a boatyard with a pretty big Travel-Lift, don’t know exactly but would guess some 80 Tonnes capacity. Some people say they are happy with work performed there – some say the exact opposite.
* Diesel is available at Reception-Pier  at € 1.35/L (March 2014)

Summary:  Big, professional run Marina with great terms and all the facilities and amenities you could ask for. Nothing immediately outside the marina but the fairly big city of Almeria is not that far away. Easy to enter even at night, with vigilant marineros on duty 24/7 (we know, we showed up at 3 am and had not yet tied up and a marinero was present to help). The only negative remark we could make would be the truly ugly hinterland, with miles and miles of plastic covered vegetable- farms.

Please always check our youtube-channel for our videos also from many/most Marinas visited:

First report sent by Derek Mercer (see more reports below)
November 2011

The marina at Almerimar is grim.

An artificial harbour with prevailing winds (SW) whistling through, concrete pontoons at right angles to the wind, and no security on visitors pontoons (despite 60 euros deposit for "keys").

We were there on 25 September. They treated this as high season and charged us 200% the rate for a 12m berth as we are a catamaran. The visitors berths were 75% empty, and the space for people to overwinter had about 3 boats there, i.e. there was lots of space. Other marinas had been offerring us berths at monohull rates, and this was the most expensive marina we had used.

People would wander down the pontoon looking at the boats as the access gate had been left open. We had been issued with electronic fobs to open them, but this was not needed, and any attempt to shut the gate failed.
(Editor's Note: As with all large marinas where the general public have access to pontoons, cruisers should avoid leaving anything on the pontoons (even if locked) and on deck overnight.)

The office is approximately 2 kms from the visitors berth by foot/bicycle, and the marineros travel by jeep to get to your berth before you.

Wifi is available, at a price. You have to purchase tickets with password etc... from the office. These are time limited, and if you run out, to get a new one you have to go to the office. This is a massive trip overland, as you are at the end of the exposed pontoons directly opposite the office, and have to go round the entire marina to get there. One could launch the dinghy and go across the water, but this rather defeats part of the object of being in a marina.

The showers etc... are basic, they had been repainted dark blue. The whole room was gloomy to say the least, and ventilation seemed to be inadequate. As the place was only lightly used, the no. of loos and showers were adequate, but I suspect that they would be very crowded in the season.

Shops, supermarket, etc... are available nearby, and was not an issue. It is, however, a commercial exploitation of the marina with lots of fashion shops, jewelry for sale, etc... rather than a "real" town where the locals go and shop and eat, such as we found in Aguadulce. As a result the restaurants are expensive and a far cry from the tapas which we enjoy, and are part of the reason one goes to Spain.

You are far better off a couple of hours further North and East in Agadulce. It is inside the bay, but a very welcoming marina. The staff even lent me their car, free of charge, when I had to go and buy a battery from the local car shop. A natural harbour, located right inside the town, and with a bus stop meters away to get to the wonders of Almeria. Prices are fair, and facilities good.

(For another cruiser's opinion of this port see Cruising Southern Spain - September 2011)

Following report sent by Mary McKnight, Honorary Local Representative of the Cruising Association in Almerimar

Firstly security. On the whole we do not have a lot of problems, despite many of the berths not being within the pontoon gates.

Bicycle theft does occur from time to time and cruisers are advised not to leave bikes ashore, even cable-locked to a lamppost, overnight, or unlocked at any time. Most don't see this as a big problem. Similarly leaving a boat unlocked when unoccupied on berths where people can walk past is rather the same as leaving your front door wide open at home.

The winter season, price-wise, is from 1 October to 31 May, and it is, I believe, still one of the less expensive marinas around here. There are discounts for longer stays which are paid for in advance. I would say Mr Mercer has been lucky elsewhere rather than unlucky here, if Almerimar sticks to its price list rather than offering him monohull rates you can't really blame them. There are no specific visitors' berths, but there is an area devoted to catamarans.

I wont quote prices as we are approaching the year end. They have been held for some time, but I don't know what is happening in January yet.

There is no problem working on your own boat afloat. The situation in the boatyard has been rather fluid over the past year or so due to changes in its management. The last I heard was that you could work on your own boat, but not bring in other people to help. But cruisers would need to check with the marina office before making any sort of commitment.

Almerimar is very much a holiday town, but its supermarket is right on the edge of the marina - a flat trolley-run to any berth. There are four good chandlers and lots of bars and restaurants, most of whom in the Almerian way, serve tapas free with beer or wine - and the price is a good deal less than the infamous Costa del Sol. Almerimar is a friendly place to overwinter with a number of activities for the cruisers and ex-pats living ashore, many of whom as cruisers who have swallowed the anchor.