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St. Martin to the Azores: SY Lady Domina still overdue/missing

By Sue Richards — last modified May 23, 2013 10:00 AM

Published: 2013-05-22 23:00:00
Topics: Safety and Medical , Atlantic Crossing , Messageboards
Countries: Azores , Bermuda , Canary Islands , Gibraltar , Madeira , Norway , Portugal , Spain , St Martin

The 75’ motor-sailer Lady Domina, departed St.Martin the 31st March bound for the Azores on their way to the final destination of Oslo, Norway. Since then she has not been seen or heard from and an APB has been sent out to many search and rescue facilities. Radio Ham networks have also been alerted.

A report about her missing was first posted on noonsite on 15th May - see here.

Apart from a couple of false leads there has been no major new information about Lady Domina.

A marine shop in St. Martin confirmed that the captain of Lady Domina had purchased a hand held GPS and ditto VHS radio a few days before departure. They had a discarded liferaft purchased from a ferry company lashed to the top of the davits with an unknown inspection date.

A boat sailing along the coast of Puerto Rico reported what he thought was VHF traffic between Lady Domina and the coastguard on the 2nd May which later turned out to be another boat with a different registration.

Another boat reported answering a ´friend´request in Facebook from one of the members on board Lady Domina in early May, but said he was very infrequently visiting Facebook so the request could have been placed months ago.

The various coastguards responsible for the SAR have ceased their search owing to the enormous area without ANY sighting since their 31 March departure and have gone into a state of "wait and see".

Parents and friends are very worried about the crew. Their hope is that Lady Domina had engine trouble and may be drifting around somewhere. The crew have have ample food and water reserves on board.

The whole month of April had no adverse strong wind or wave reports for this part of the North Atlantic. The distance between St. Martin and the Azores is around 2.223 nm.

Lady Domina is a self constructed motorsailer with one basic mast rig with only a working foresail. She is equipped with a single 220 HP diesel engine giving a max 5.5 - 6 kn speed under optimal conditions. She does not have SSB radio, just a standard VHF. The only safety equipment is an old rubber dinghy lashed 
to the foredeck. She does not have an EPIRB or sat. phone.She is crewed by 3 Norwegians, including the captain who has crossed the Atlantic previously, 1 Dane and a British female (5 persons on board in total). She has been cruising in the Caribbean for some years.

Anyone with knowledge of Lady Domina at or around the departure date and onwards, please contact Tore Christiansen at [email protected].

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