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Cruising Information

Documents required & other considerations when cruising abroad


This page includes sections on:-
Documents required
Planning & Preparation
Liveaboard Tips
Cruising Organisations
Cruising Magazines
Cruising Networks
Cruising with Children
Cruising with Pets
Courtesy Flags
World Regions Information
Volunteer Projects for Cruisers
Travel Information
Reports & Links

Planning & Preparation

A Seven-year Circumnavigation
Published by Cruising World Magazine in January 2018, Jack and Zdenka Griswold, who have now completed their circumnavigation, address a few questions that they are often asked, and that may be helpful to those contemplating a long-term cruise.

All I wish I knew before setting sail
Posted September 2017.
A practical guide for short and long distance cruising in the digital age. By Christian Rinke.

Banking in Remote Areas
Posted June 2018.
Useful thread on Cruisers Forum.
Do it yourself websites and blogs to document and share your cruising adventure. FREE Trial, plus packages for as little as $2.95 a month.

Building a website for your Boat
Posted March 2014.
Keep friends and fellow yachtsmen up to date with your yachting activities – create your own boating website for free. By Practical Boat Owner (PBO).

Can you work while Cruising?
The start of what will be a useful compilation of blog links & articles for those who are wondering what work they could do to finance the cruising lifestyle. If you currently work while cruising please get in touch ( with your blog link or information.

Commuter Cruiser
By Jan & David of SY Winterlude
A great resource for part-time sailors including outfitting; storing your boat; maintenance; and cruise planning.

Find Embassy
Easy and free guide to all embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions throughout the world. In the first drop down list, choose the name of the embassy you are searching for. In the second one, choose the location of the embassy such as: Embassy of Croatia in United States, Embassy of Japan in China,….etc.

Fishing from yachts for beginners
Posted November 2018.
A really useful free guide as to the tackle, rod and adjustments you might need to make to your yacht in order to successfully catch fish for supper whilst at sea.

How to Write Articles for Sailing Magazines
Posted September 2017.
Robin Urquhart of Young & Salty is a young cruiser always looking for ways to make money while sailing. One of the best ways she has found is writing for sailing magazines. If you're an aspiring writer read her tips for getting your foot in the door.

How we fund the cruising life
Posted September 2016.
Everybody wants to know, but few ask. After eight years circumnavigating, SV Totem's cruising family spill the beans on how they can afford to do what they do.

Long term cruising in the Mediterranean
Posted May 2016.
Interesting thread on Cruisers Forum about the multitude of factors to consider when planning long term cruising in the Med.

Managing Essential Paperwork whilst Cruising
Even when you cast off your lines, bills, tax returns and admin still follow in your wake. This Yachting World article explains how to make the essential paperwork easier when you’re long-distance cruising.

Managing Money whilst cruising
Posted October 2017.
Useful banking and financial tips from circumnavigators US yacht "Starry Horizons".

Outfitting a boat to sail around the world
Posted July 2016.
What we bought, what we learned and what we'd do differently. A great blog post by Tasha and Ryan from their Fountain Pajot "Cheeky Monkey" with some very helpful advice and recommendations.

Preparing your boat for Ocean Cruising
December 2015.
Meteorologist, navigator and ARC safety inspector Chris Tibbs and his wife, Helen, are going round the world, starting with the ARC. He describes how he prepared his yacht.

Sailing around the world on a budget
Posted October 2017.
Whether you’re planning on sailing around the world or cruising local waters, there are several ways to dramatically cut costs. These young cruisers survive on just £500 a month!

Seven Prep Tips for World Circumnavigation
Posted October 2017.
Catamaran Elcie and her family crew are about to embark on an ambitious 2 year circumnavigation. Here they share their thoughts on the planning involved. From

The Best Mail Services for Cruisers
Article July 2016
What do you do about receiving mail when long-term cruising? Circumnavigators SY Totem have researched what they believe to be the best options out there.

The Cost of Cruising
Links to a variety of blogs, articles, podcasts and videos by live-aboards cruising in different parts of the world (and some circumnavigating) who have addressed this subject, recorded their expenditure in detail and given advice on hidden costs etc.

The global movement of cruising boats - Where do all the boats go?
Posted August 2017.
Since 1987 Jimmy Cornell has conducted every five years a survey of the global movement of cruising yachts. The latest was done in 2016 and examined the global situation during the previous year. If you want to find out where the major sailing hubs are and the characteristics of today's typical long-distance cruising yacht, this is a must-read.

Liveaboard Tips

Boat Pests
Regardless of where we are or how clean and tidy our boats, we are all subject to pests. Marmaris Bay Cruisers have published a few ideas on how to handle, eradicate, and control them.

Bugs: Nine Ways to Keep Bugs at Bay
Cruising World Magazine outline nine simple steps to avoid an infestation. Some great advice here.

Essential Items For Living Comfortably On A Sailboat
Posted November 2017.
After living on board their catamaran for over six months, here are SY Kittiwake's list of things that make living on board much more comfortable and pleasant.

Practical Boat Cook
A website by sailors with over 100,000 ocean miles and more than 20 Atlantic Passages in a small sailboat without using refrigeration. How to get the best out of your galley plus lots of practical ideas for life on board.

The Boat Galley
A very useful site on how to get the most out of your on-board cooking facilities - plus loads of other practical advice and tips for liveaboards.

The Monkey's Fist
Collecting Cruisers' Perspectives: The Monkey's Fist focuses on topics of interest to cruisers, liveaboards, and soon-to-bees. We connect bloggers with readers and readers with topics. Great for a browse and useful info. re. life on board.

Cruising Organisations

Association founded in Argentina to promote sailing and navigation. Offer Spanish speaking sailors BLU assistance and delegates to help in many ports worlwide.

Bluewater Cruising Association
Vancouver, BC
The mission of Bluewater Cruising Association is to foster seamanship and friendship for people with an active interest in offshore cruising. We achieve this by providing a forum for communication and information exchange among members through regular meetings, social events, courses and especially, the Association's widely acclaimed publication, "Currents".

Cruising Association
CA House, 1 Northey Street , Limehouse Basin , London E14 BT
Tel:+44 (0)20 7537 2828 Fax:+44 (0)20 7537 2266
The Cruising Association is Britain’s leading organisation for cruising sailors. From its headquarters in London’s Limehouse Basin it maintains close contact with more than 4300 members worldwide. Founded in 1908 it has one of the most extensive nautical libraries and cruising information centres in the world and works closely with European government and international bodies to protect the interests of leisure sailors. It also has specialist sections in 17 different cruising regions. The Association’s patron is Sir Robin Knox-Johnston CBE. For further information on the association please visit their website.

Cruising Club Of America
Thorough and updated information on range of cruising subjects especially aimed at North American sailors including information on offshore communications and "Cruising European Waters" (buoyage, charts and cruising guides, European datum, nautical almanacs, regional identification, tidal ranges, Beaufort wind scales, part shipments from the US, VAT, Shengen countries, cruising charges, Med mooring, telephones, electricity, propane etc). Regularly updated. Changes have been highlighted in yellow to make them easy to spot. Suggestions and corrections are always welcomed. Walter Paul, Cruising Club of America

Irish Cruising Club
Founded in 1929, the ICC is a club for seagoing sailors, who have a genuine interest in cruising. Most members live in Ireland and Northern Ireland, although there are many living in other parts of the world. The Club has no premises but holds regular social functions and rallies, both around Ireland and elsewhere. The club publishes two pilot books that cover the coasts of Ireland, and another, 'Cruising Ireland', that fills in the interesting details about the coastal regions. All are essential aids to safe and enjoyable voyaging around Ireland.

Island Cruising Association (ICA)
P.O. Box 534 Paihia BOI , New Zealand
Owned by Nigel and Amanda Richards. Their motto is “We make Cruising more Fun” but there’s a serious side too. ICA offers an ever-growing knowledge base of cruising resources and information specific to Extended Coastal (New Zealand and a developing section on Australia) and Offshore, with an emphasis on the South West Pacific. They offer a wide range of fun events, cruising rallies, training, practical demonstrations, on the water preparation and backup to assist cruisers to “get out there”.
Events include the FREE “All Points Rally” in November each year (from all major SW Pacific Ports into Opua, NZ); the CPS (Cruising Prep Seminar) in Auckland in November and Brisbane and Cairns in June/July; Multihull Solutions Sail2Indonesia Rally, Pacific Circuit Rally bi-annually; and much much more.
Membership is NZ$65.00 per year giving you access to the entire knowledge base. Nigel, Amanda and Ella, their daughter, are committed to encouraging more families to get out there and achieve their sailing dreams.

Members of the officially registered club are mostly owners of yachts cruising in the Med. The club also runs a internet bulletin board with more than 500 Skippers who share their experience about cruising in the Med. Mainly in German but an English section has been added where sailors can ask questions. Click on the Forum button on the home page.

Ocean Cruising Club
The Ocean Cruising Club exists to promote long-distance cruising in all its forms and although it is an international club, it is administered from the UK. Members are identified by a distinctive blue and yellow burgee with a stylized Flying Fish on the blue part of the flag. Membership is open to anyone either as skipper, or certified as competent by the skipper, who has completed a continuous ocean passage of at least 1000 miles, measured along the rhumb line, in a vessel of under 72 feet. The Ocean Cruising Club maintains a network of over 100 Port Officers world-wide to assist members in their undertakings and publishes the journal "Flying Fish" twice a year and a quarterly newsletter. Much published material is available for non-members to review on the OCC website.

RCC Pilotage Foundation
A voluntary organisation run by yachtsmen to provide planning and cruise planning information. Have a number of free cruising guides for download as well as printed material at a cost. New feedback and question forum introduced November 2011.

Royal Yachting Association
The International Certificate of Competence can be obtained from them, as it is now required by most countries in Europe.

Seven Seas Cruising Association
SSCA, a non-profit, international organization with nearly 10,000 members, has been supporting liveaboard cruisers for over fifty years. The goals of the original founders are still the goals of SSCA today: sharing cruising information, camaraderie, and leaving a clean wake. Monthly Bulletins. Active online Discussion Board is open to everyone. Links page lists special discounts available to members. 150 cruising station hosts worldwide. Equipment Survey and other publications available. Regular gatherings with cruising seminars held annually in several locations. Just $55 a year per boat.

Trans Ocean eV
Trans Ocean eV was founded in 1968 and aims to promote offshore sailing. Based in Cuxhaven, Germany the club has over 5,000 members. These include several hundred sailing around the world, plus a worldwide network of 200 community-run bases supporting cruisers.

World Cruising Club
120 High Street , Cowes , PO31 7AX, UK
Tel:+441983296060 Fax:+441983295959
Sailing rally organizer, runs ARC and World ARC rallies, plus seminars and training courses. Well used crew finder service specializing in offshore sailing. Online resources include cruising reports, blogs and online magazine. Lots of great free advice; forums and members cruising equipment buy/sell pages.

Cruising Magazines

48° North
Free online sailing magazine (monthly) for the Pacific North West. Useful cruising articles and advice from NW cruisers sailing around the world.

Caribbean Compass
Free monthly online boating publication for everything Caribbean.

Cruising Compass
Blue Water Sailing magazine's weekly e-newsletter for sailors and cruisers.

The official magazine of the Bluewater Cruising Association.

Good Old Boat
The magazine's website offers a wide variety of resources for sailors including a very comprehensive worldwide list of sailboat associations and informal user groups, a searchable database of marine suppliers, sailboat listings, a growing directory of sailing blogs, a multitude of useful articles and a large number of audiobook titles.

Latitude 38
Northern California and West Coast free sailing & cruising publication. Can subscribe to "Lectronic Latitude" with headlines every few days. Organisers of the Pacific Puddle Jump and the Baja Ha-Ha Rallies.

Ocean Navigator
Monthly magazine with cruising news, navigation and gear info. plus v. informative website covering offshore sailing and racing, navigation, weather, cruising tips, boats & gear.

Onboard Online
This online magazine specialises in providing news and resources for yachting professionals as well as encompassing a business directory and a jobs board. Whilst aimed primarily at superyachts, many of the articles are relevant to the cruising world.

PassageMaker Magazine
A powerboat/trawler targeted magazine, but includes a great deal of offshore/bluewater information for all cruising boats.

Practical Sailor
Bi-weekly magazine that evaluates all kind of cruising equipment. Takes no advertising so no bias. Subscription based - however there are many free articles on their website.

SAIL Magazine
Cruising reports, boat tests, practical advice, blog, online edition and e-newsletter

A Chesapeake Bay, US, sailing magazine written by sailors for sailors. Has a cruising, racing, weather and boats for sale section.
Sailing, yachting, cruising: Lots of news, practical tips, videos, gear and boats.

Cruising Networks

Also see the Noonsite Communications page, and scroll down to "Position Reporting for Cruisers", which features a number of cruising communities.

Circumnavigation & Ocean Crossing
Circumnavigation was started half way through our trip around because we believed that we and others could benefit by being able to easily share information. Our best source of information has been and other folks ahead of us. Circumnavigation is open to anyone that has recently, or is currently crossing an ocean or circumnavigating in any sort of vessel.

Cruisers Forum
Cruisers Forum - Discussion Board and Photo Gallery for Cruising Sailors and Wannabes. Cruising boats, cruising people, cruising answers.

Cruisers Network Online (CNO)
Originating in 2006 and called the "Venezuelan Cruisers Group", the CNO started as a means for cruisers in and around Venezuela to stay in touch and share information. During the past years as many cruisers headed to distant ports, it has expanded to include cruisers throughout the entire SW Caribbean, Pacific from Ecuador to Alaska, the ABCs, Colombia, Panama, the Med, Africa, and South Pacific. There are now over 1370 members, including circumnavigators, who regularly exchange information regarding their cruising experiences, immigration matters, safety and security issues, fuel prices, and other matters of mutual interest. Also of interest in the "Files" section are many Cruiser written Information Guides to various South and Central American countries and European waters.

Multihulls forum plus lots of great information for multihull owners.

Pacific Puddle Jump
Westbound cruisers headed to the South Pacific use the Pacific Puddle Jump to disseminate information that others may find useful. The PPJ Yahoo group also contains useful links, database of all PPJ vessels, and a lot of other information. Boats departing from the West Coast of the Americas headed towards French Polynesia share information on preparation, weather routing, visa and arrival information, tips and suggestions. A nearly 500 page crossing guide is available for download in the files section of the PPJ Yahoo group. 1315 members.

Sail SE Asia (Southeast Asia Boat Information Sharing)

The Southbound Group
The Southbound Group is used by cruisers on the West Coast of the Americas to share relevant information on areas of interest between San Diego, California and Peru, South America including the Galapagos. The purpose of the list is to disseminate information that other Southbounders may find useful. 1426 members.

Women Who Sail Facebook Group

Women and Cruising
Advice, Resources and Inspiration for Women Cruisers.

Cruising with Children


For some useful and interesting articles on boat schooling your children, read mum Behan Gifford's view on things (from SV Totem) via the following links:

Boatschooling, Part 1: Finding a boatschool path
Boatschooling, Part 2: What we actually DO on Totem
Boatschooling, Part 3: Things I wish I’d known

Suki Kaiser of SY Pura Vida has a great blog post Homeschool, Un-school,'s all cool, for those wondering what alternative methods might work.

Boatschool is in Session
Michael Robertson explains the ins and outs of what it's like to homeschool your kids while living aboard.

Homeschool Teacher
A practical guide to inspiring academic excellence
By Kate Laird
Noonsite Review
Written after 12 years of homeschooling her 2 daughters on board their yacht “Seal” while sailing from the US to Greenland, Europe, Antarctica, New Zealand, Japan and now Alaska, Kate Laird's Homeschool Teacher is a guide to help families educate their children without sacrificing either academics or adventure.

Time 4 Learning -
Teachers are all online, it is inexpensive, and you can keep tabs on your child's progress easily without having to do the actual teaching. Takes just a few hours a day.

First College UK -
Online high school UK 11-17yrs. Live classes online daily. Small sized, personal approach, class limit 15 students. IGCSE exams or non-exam studies. Very experienced teachers' & home educators' co-operative.

Simple Homeschool -
A range of monthly articles on homeschooling from a variety of contributors. Lots of great information and ideas here.

Wilderness School -
Source for outdoor learning activities for students of all ages.


Arctic Cruising through a 15 years old's eyes
Posted July 2014.
Nera Cornell (age 15), Jimmy Cornell's grand daughter, is crewing on Aventura for an attempt to transit the NW Passage, east to west. Her blog about everything that interests her on this exciting voyage is a great one to follow.

Around 'n Circles - south to the Caribbean & beyond
August 2015 - ongoing
The Peacock family's dream started 9+ years ago... and is now a reality. They eliminated debt, saved $$, bought a boat, purged their stuff, sold the house, and moved aboard June 2016. The 2 sons are 10 and 11 this year and the family are starting out from Texas headed to the US East Coast & Bahamas this year before heading south to the Caribbean and beyond. Ultimately the crew of 4 (plus 3 furry crew members), plan to travel the world on their Lagoon 380 catamaran "Giro". They would love to hear from other cruising families.

Around the World with the Totem Family
Circumnavigation 2008 - 2016 (now on 2nd!)
Behan, Jamie, and their children Niall, Mairen and Siobhan, have cruised from North America through the Pacific, Southeast Asia, and Africa in a slow but steady circumnavigation. They returned to North America to complete their circumnavigation in the summer of 2016 and put Niall in university. The rest of the family continue to live on board and cruise the Caribbean and Central America. Their blog provides a huge library of resources for cruisers and a window into the everyday experiences of a sailing family (whose children have grown up on board). They are enthusiastic supporters of people who want to follow their own cruising dreams and when internet allows, happily respond to questions through their blog. Mum Behan is one of the authors of "Voyaging with Kids".

Australian Family going where the wind takes them
Posted November 2017.
This family with three kids (14, 10 & 6) are from a little town called Iluka at the mouth of the Clarence River in northern New South Wales. They are currently on board their Ted Brewer ketch in the Whitsunday Islands and plan to head further north until cyclone season when they will sail south with the northerlies and then head over to New Caledonia and Vanuatu in May/June 2018. As rank newbies, their blog offers an interesting perspective.

Becoming a sailor on a St Francis 50 catamaran
August 2015 - ongoing
New to sailing and the cruising lifestyle, this blog documents how a mother with four young children makes the transition from landlubber to competent, bluewater sailor. Living on board a 50 foot catamaran, this family of six plans to sail in the Caribbean for 2+ years, with the possibility of a circumnavigation.

Big Passages, Small Kids
Posted August 2016.
What does it take to safely cross oceans with very young children? Vigilance, ingenuity and a lot of eye straps. A useful article by Cruising World Magazine.

Blogging Families Afloat
A continuously refreshing feed of the latest updates from cruising families (and a few liveaboards) that write about their life on the water, along with a list of those blogs.

Boat Kid Chatter
A forum for boat kids up to the age 13, and for those thinking about going cruising who have lots of questions to ask. See Noonsite report for more information.

Boater Kids Forum
Created by Drew Collins, himself sailing across the Pacific with his family from November 2010 to Australia, this forum is for any kids under 19 who live on board and want to talk about their sailing adventures, give ideas or tips, or just chat. Soon Drew will be adding a google maps so you can pin on the map where you are.

Bringing up a Baby on board
Posted February 2014.
Great tips, advice, links, information & useful products for those planning a newborn on board.

Circumnavigating with Children
Posted April 2014.
The joys and considerations of taking a family to sea. Bruce Halabisky and his young family have been cruising in a 34′ wooden boat for the past seven years.

Circumnavigation, seven years and two babies
Updated March 2014
If you are thinking about going cruising with very young children, or indeed starting a family whilst living on board, Eivind and Heidi's blog is an inspirational read. They returned home to Norway in 2012.

Coconuts Sailing the World - 100% Green
Posted December 2015.
Jay, Natasha, Sol, Luna, Caribe & Ártico are a nomadic family of 6 traveling the world aboard their raceboat Messenger (a 1 ton IOR German Frers custom 80’s design). Captain Jay has been living, working and traveling by sea for 10 years and 6 years ago Natasha and her 2 young daughters became permanent stow-aways when he sailed by their home country Costa Rica. Since then they have added 2 more to the crew, one born onboard in Martinique and the other near the Arctic circle in Iceland. Jay began from San Francisco and sailed throughout the Pacific single handed on an engineless vessel, and together with his family has sailed throughout the Caribbean, North Atlantic, Arctic circle, North Sea and currently they are in Europe. All their cruising has been 100% Green-sailing, both their sailboat and dinghy have been engineless all these years.

Cruisers & Sailing Forums - Cruising with Kids

Family Adventure Podcast
Inspiring families to dream and live epic adventures! Started by the Hemingway family, who themselves sailed almost 17,000 miles with 5 children, these podcasts meet families who have also travelled in unique ways. Some great listening.

Family Cruising and Healthy Child Development
Ann Saitow's study on the long term effects of Family Cruising - February 2011.

Family of 4 Cruising the World since 2009
Posted October 2014.
The Bright family on their cutter-rigged sloop Yindee Plus are in Indonesia at the time of posting, having begun their extended cruising from the UK in 2008. Their blog has lots of interesting reports and twin sons Sid and Wilf have their own blogs also.

I'm 15 Years Old And I Grew Up on a Boat
Posted September 2016.
By Maia Selkirk of Catamaran Ceilydh, who has spent the last 7 years sailing around the world with her parents.

Kids Unplugged
Connecting families through travel and adventure.

Kids in the Cockpit - Author Happy To Give Advice
Jill Schinas is happy to give advice to anyone with questions about educating your kids on board. Check out her website.

Kids4Sail Facebook Group
Updated October 2018.
3,500+ members total; monthly location roll for meetups (hundreds comment on location per month); boatschooling information/support; hundreds of cruising family social profiles; KIDS-ONLY private sharing site through wordpress.

Log of SV Del Viento - Meet Other Cruising Families
Last updated July 2018
Leaving Mexico in 2012, the crew of Del Viento (1978 Fuji 40) - Michael, Windy and teenage daughters Eleanor and Frances, waited out the 2016 southern hemisphere cyclone season in Tonga. Next stop Fiji and then to Vanuatu (and hopefully onwards to Japan). Always on the lookout for other kid boats, please feel free to e-mail or check out their blog.

New Platform for Cruising Families
Posted October 2018.
Tobias and Rike are sailing with together with their respective families and have been so fed up with always trying to find other boats with kids of similar age than theirs. So they started to develop a platform and together with Silas and Bjarne, two talented and motivated programmers, the platform is now live! Find other travelling families and connect with them.

Ocean Crusaders
Posted November 2017.
Educating children on issues our oceans are facing. The primary goal of the Ocean Crusaders campaign is educating youth through their primary school education program. They have developed a lesson program for any primary school teacher, or parent, to download free of charge from this site and present to their children. Good kids section with a great information and a puzzle page.

Ocean Passages with Little Kids on board
Posted May 2015
This detailed article by Cruising World addresses important safety issues if you have toddlers on board.

Routes to the Sailing Life
May 2013
A look at how five families broke free and went cruising. By Cruising World Magazine.

Sail Kids Ed
Nadine Slavinski, teacher and life-long sailor, took a year-long sabbatical in 2007-08 with her husband and young son, cruising the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Caribbean. Her experiences led her to develop material to help sailing families make the most of all the learning opportunities available whilst cruising. Published "Lesson Plans Ahoy!" - educational materials, resources, and tips for education afloat.

Sailing With Bloom
2016 to wheneverthefunrunsout
The Bloom Crew is a family of three with a crazy whippet who adores every human being on this planet. They sold their house and belongings in 2014 to embark on an adventure aboard their Bavaria 40, s/v Bloom. Based in Victoria, BC, this adventuresome trio is currently living aboard and will be heading South in 2016 down the West Coast with an eventual landing in La Paz, Mexico. What does their 10-year-old son have to say about this upcoming journey? One word- AWESOME. Follow them across the seas and horizons on their blog or get in touch by e-mail.

Sailing adventures of 2 little boys at least partially around the world
Posted January 2018.
Moya and her family crew of four, are exploring our planet from the sea. Jonathan (3), Joshua (5), Christian and Sabrina started their adventures in 2015 when Jonathan was just 3 months old, heading from the Baltic Sea down to Portugal. After a 2 year break, the family resumed their journey in September 2017, heading to Morocco, the Canary islands and across the Atlantic via Cape Verde. After sailing the Caribbean Windward Islands, they are now visiting Venezuela, Columbia and Panama on their way into the Pacific Ocean, which they are going to sail during 2018. They love to learn about foreign cultures, explore nature, sailing or hiking and tell stories of their little adventures on their website.

Sailing north through the Caribbean with teenagers on board
Posted January 2018.
We are a family of three, Matt, Lisa and 14 year old Gaia. We left Bordeaux, France in August 2017, crossed the Atlantic from Tenerife to Barbados in December and are currently in Martinique. We plan to sail north through the Caribbean islands aboard Entelechy, our Lagoon 52 Catamaran. We would love to meet other families sailing through the Caribbean with teenagers on board.

Schinas Family Website
Includes some great tips for home schooling, links and advice on long-term cruising with children.

Started circumnavigation and looking for other families
Posted October 2017.
We are a family of 3 from Barcelona (Spain): Joan (52), Esther (51) and Gerard (13 years old). Our boat It's a Columbia 50. A classic plastic from 1968 built in California. We left Barcelona at the start of October 2017, heading to Graciosa in the Canaries for an Atlantic crossing at the end of the year.
The approximate plan is to reach Panama via the ABC islands and others, visit the San Blas, Cartagena and then cross to the Pacific. Have a long stop in New Zealand and then we are undecided as to how to get back to Barcelona. Possibly via the Red Sea. We have 3 years - extendable to 5. We are looking for other cruisers underway with children/teenagers on board.

Swedish Family of Four - Halfway Around
Posted September 2012
We are a family of four (kids are now 6 & 5 years old). We left Sweden August 2010 and will most probably return August 2014. Halfway.

TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition
Posted 24 September 2012
We are a Swiss family already cruising since 12 years around the world and made on the trip 4 children. We like to contribute with our blog and encourage more families to try once to go sailing with their kids. Nature is really a great teacher for them and we hope we meet them once in an anchorage and go together for a clean-up? We are currently in Salvador and plan to sail N to go through the NW Passage next August to make it to Alaska to climb our last TOP, Mount McKinley, before heading South again to Antarctica for Mount Vinson.

Three Families on a Caribbean Sabbatical
Published by Cruising World May 11, 2016
A trio of families with different boats and budgets take a Caribbean sabbatical and learn important lessons about themselves and the cruising life.

Two years and 40,000 miles
Posted March 2018.
Caspar, Nichola, Bluebell (9), Columbus (7) and Willow (2) sailed around the world starting from the UK in August 2014 and joining the World ARC. They sailed the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic again before heading back to the Pacific and heading North to San Francisco and exploring the North West American coast. Their blog has alot of great blog posts and useful information and advice for living on board as a family.

Two years for the Caribbean & Mediterranean
Posted November 2015.
Greg, Melinda (Mel), Allie (age 9,) and Tommy (age 11) Burnett, started cruising the Caribbean from Ft. Lauderdale in July 2015. They live aboard a Leopard 48 catamaran named The Amazing Marvin. Mel is taking a break from practicing medicine as a neurologist, Greg is the electrical-engineer/scientist type, and the kids are homeschooled. They have spent some time in Jamaica, Colombia, Aruba, and Curacao so far, and plan to finish up hurricane season in the ABC's and then head to St. Maarten, the Virgins, and the Bahamas over the winter and spring of 2016. If all goes well, they plan to spend the next year in the Med before returning to the US. Theirs is a 2 year plan.

Voyaging with Kids
Posted June 2015.
This book is a treasure trove of useful, well-organized information on seagoing parenting. Released Autumn 2015 from L&L Pardey Publications. All 3 authors are cruising parents. Kindle copy available as well as hard copy.

Posted January 2016.
Planning out, packing up and paying off to the big blue... 4 years, 32 countries, 2 oceans, 2 babies en route and 18,000 miles so far. In October 2011 James and Jess threw off the docklines in Falmouth, England and set out on their adventure to sail around the world in their yacht, a 42ft Crossbow called "Adamastor". Their blog is a great resource for all the things they are learning as they cruise, not only how to sail and handle the boat better but how to raise a baby on board. James is an architect whilst Jess is an artist and designer. They are using their journey to sea-trail various products for the boat and the baby and are also freelance writers and photographers for various publications worldwide.

What kids really think about homeschooling on board
September 2015.
Emma Nance is sailing around the world with her family. She explains the pros and cons of learning on the high seas. A report by Wanderlust Magazine.

When Boating with Young Children
Article NY Times: April 2014
Some guidelines for parents who want to take to the high seas with young children.

Windtraveler: from land to sea to three under three
Brittany and Scott have written extensively on the subject of child-rearing on a boat having sailed over 5,000 nautical miles with their newborn. Now back on land having given birth to twins, they plan to resume cruising soon. Their blog has alof of interesting articles and links.

Women and Cruising
Advice, resources and inspiration for women cruisers, including a great deal of information about cruising families and kids.

Writing & Sailing Around the World
2014 - on going
This cruising family of 3 (mum, dad and daughter aged 6) left the UK 2 1/2 years ago and are now on the east coast of the USA having cruised the Med, crossed the Atlantic and sailed up through the Caribbean.
Mum Kim has written about their travels in addition to 'how-to' articles and over 60 videos on their YouTube channel all about sailing around the world. Great inspiration for those who are thinking about selling up and going sailing.

Young & Salty
Young & Salty is a sailing community by and for young sailors. We profile young seafarers and swabbies, windjammers and wanderers. We cover the salty skills of interest to a younger generation; like buying your first boat, financing your sailing habit, and floating to your next big adventure. Our mission is to build community, encourage, inspire and support more young sailors to get out there.

Cruising with Pets

Cruising & Sailing with Pets
A group about our best friends, and how to cruise with them safely and enjoyably.

Cruising the South Pacific with Pets on board - hassle in Fiji

Dogs on Boats 101
Carolyn Shearlock, blogger of the Boat Galley, gives her thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of cruising with a dog on board.

Pet Travel
Covers lots of useful information about pet travel by sea.

Pets on board – how to go long-distance cruising with your dog or cat
Posted November 2017.
This report by Yachting World Magazine, Elaine Bunting talks to two owners taking part in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers about sailing with man’s best friend.

Sailing & Cruising with Pets
A closed facebook group.

The Boat Galley: Pets Aboard
Doesn't sound very pet-related but there is a very informative Pets Aboard section of this website for those of you who are out there living aboard and/or cruising with your pets. Also some very ingenious ideas elsewhere in the blog.

Computers Aboard
Four cruisers discuss the systems that keep them connected, entertained and on course. Another informative article by Cruising World.

Free Online Navigation Course
Online marine resources to teach you to navigate safely - by Diederik Willemsen.

Google Earth Navigation
Pacific cruiser Rory Garland uses a range of new techniques to navigate safely in far-flung places with poor chart coverage.

Navigate the Pacific
Some useful information when navigating poorly charted areas.

Navionics Chart Errors
This report from Mexico, but cruisers have also reported problems with Navionic charts in SE Asia, Thailand in particular.

Share Maxsea Track Files
Share tracks with other cruisers. Helpful in determining approaches and anchorages as well as avoiding uncharted low-water areas. Interesting to see how others have approached long passages.
Not just navigation articles here, but also engine repair/maintenance, weather, boat handling etc. Some free resources, but very reasonable sign-up fee.

Community sourcing and sharing of navigational data. TeamSurv is a project where mariners help create better charts of coastal waters, by logging depth and position data whilst they are at sea, and uploading the data to the web for processing and display.

Visit My Harbour Website
A free website for UK sailors containing a wealth of information including useful pilotage notes and aerial photos for many ports around Britain.

iPad Navigation Across an Ocean
If you’re looking for a comprehensive navigation solution, an iPad-based system might be right for you. Cruising World have an interesting article on this option.
Featuring low altitude, high-resolution aerial photographs of marinas from all over the world.
Free AIS data for worldwide land based receiving stations. Simply type in your location and see real time shipping activity in your area.

Run own weather model globally and at high resolution. iOS and Android weather Apps. Free forecast. Noonsite members can now get 15% off any PredictWind purchase! Register now to claim your discount at the above link.

Apps for Voyaging - by Ocean Navigator
July/August 2014

Awesome Apps for Sailors
February 2017.
Viki Moore of Astrolabe Sailing summarises the huge quantity of useful Apps that are now available for every facet of cruising life.

FastSeas is a FREE weather routing and passage planning tool. It will calculate the fastest route to take you from point A to point B given the current NOAA GFS weather forecast , current oceanic currents , the performance of your vessel, and your comfort criteria. Subscription options also available.

Imray Nautical App
Launched June 2014 - book app for iPad – available to download from the App Store. Download the app for free, then buy sections of books by geographical area. Currently Greece Ionian and Isles of Scilly available. Find out more at report linked to above.

Imray Navigator App
A brand new fully functioning chart navigation app for iPhone and iPad. Based on high quality raster images of Imray and selected official hydrographic office charts, the app converts your device into a fully-functioning chart plotter. Download the free Imray Navigator app from the App Store, including navigation tools and instruments and demonstration charts. Get access on a subscription basis to an entire library of chart sets.

Lights & Shapes
For iPhone and iPad. Available in English, Italian, Spanish, French & German. Over 30 3D animations; tests; rules of the road. Find out more at the web link.

Liveaboard cruisers - most useful smartphone & tablet tools
Posted July 2016.
Every voyager has different needs and tastes for the hardware on their boat. It’s no different with smartphone and tablet apps for voyaging. Here is a roundup of what these accomplished voyagers are using aboard their boats for voyaging from the South Pacific to the Arctic. By Ocean Navigator.

Man Overboard app for iPhone
Recommended by Cruising World.

Mindelo Moving Market
Free app available for iOS and Android to help sailors buy and sell marine equipment.

An easy-to-use tide app that gives you the info you need without relying on cellular or WiFi connections: location; date and time; a 24-hour tide or current graph; tide height, current speed and direction, sunrise and set times; and moon phase, rise and set times. MyTide is free and is available for iPhone at the App Store (Android support is coming soon).

MyYacht is iOS based and can be downloaded to iPhone and iPad from AppStore/iTunes. A "yacht maintenance App" it turns your iPhone into a database about your yacht. Here you can store all the basic information about the yacht, and for instance make sure that you know what kind of engine oil you use and when you changed it the last time – and then add a task reminding you of when to change it the next time.

Safe Skipper LITE
Released 30 April, 2013
Free Safety Afloat Tips & Advice on Emergency Procedures for all Sailors and Leisure Boaters, worldwide. For iPad, iPhone & iPod touch.

Tel:+1 917-733-4028
SlipFinder is available on the Apple App Store for free download. Currently (May 2015) over 75 marinas along the East coast of the USA, Florida, USVI and the Bahamas use the system for berthing reservations.

The best apps for Cruising
Posted July 2015.
What are the best apps for sailing? What apps do cruisers actually use on their ipad / android to make life easier, safer, or more fun? Some useful recommendations here from SY Totem.

Waterway Guide Marinas App
Released Feb 2015
This is a free App for iPhone and iPad, with detailed listings for over 3,600 marinas and boatyards.


Maps of islands (not designed for navigation, but overviews of islands throughout the world including many Pacific atolls)

Using Google Maps for planning sailing trips


A Worldwide Tidal Calculator
(Marées dans Le Monde) , See details at
Available (in English) as a free software download. It covers nearly 10,000 ports.

How to pick up a mooring buoy under sail
RYA Chief Instructor, Sail Cruising, Vaughan Marsh shares his top tips for picking up a mooring buoy under sail.

Courtesy Flags

The Q Flag: What it means and when to fly it
A useful summary by Carolyn Shearlock of the Boat Galley.

World Regions Information

Asian Yachting
Informative site for Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore etc including marina directory, racing events.

Caribbean Boat Boys
April 2014.
A great article on how to best deal with the Caribbean's island entrepreneurs by SY Morgan Cloud.

Long term cruising in the Mediterranean
Posted May 2016.
Interesting thread on Cruisers Forum about the multitude of factors to consider when planning long term cruising in the Med.

Planning a European Cruise?
Website: JimB Sail
Very useful website which aims to compare European cruising areas in order to help relatively novice cruising folk decide where to charter or where to base their boat for a season or so. Information arranged by cruise areas.

Reeds Nautical Online
A comprehesive online nautical almanac covering Atlantic Europe from the tip of Denmark to Gibraltar.

Wider Caribbean's Marine Protected Areas (CaMPAM)
A useful database of MPAs in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean region. All Marine Parks are MPAs, and therefore if wanting to find out about any marine parks in the islands you are visiting, details and location can be sourced via this website. Includes Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Belize, BVIs, Caymans, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curacao, DR, French Guiana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherland Antilles, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, St. Martin, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos, USA & Venzuela.

Volunteer Projects for Cruisers

Caribbean Volunteer Projects
Short-term seasonal cruisers to the Caribbean or life-long sailors who have made the region their home can make a difference to the islands’ people and wildlife. All at Sea Magazine show a sample of seven ways that you can volunteer.

Hands Across the Sea
Bringing positive, lasting change to the lives of children in the Eastern Caribbean through improving literacy. A great organisation to be a part of whilst cruising the Caribbean.

How Sailors Can Help While Cruising
Website for offshore sailors to find out about ways to help while cruising and get more involved with the communities they visit. No matter what your skills are, we need your help identifying and working with these needs.

Medical Sailing Ministries (MSM)
Medical Sailing Ministries (MSM) began in 2008 in response to the need for medical transport to remote villages in Vanuatu. MSM currently operates using the 53 foot steel yacht Chimere, on loan from MSM members, (and brothers) Andrew and Robert Latimer. After much planning and preparation, 2009 was the first year of in-the-field service. Chimere is crewed by like-minded, enthusiastic volunteers, who each share a sense of adventure, plus the simple desire to help others.

Sea Mercy
The Sea Mercy program is about providing much needed health care services (medical, dental and eye) to the remote islands in the South Pacific. The program does not desire to be the health care provider to all the islands, only to the remote islands that the local island governments are unable to support effectively at this time in their health care infrastructure development. Volunteers spend 1-2 weeks aboard Sea Mercy's FHCC vessels or GMA land-based programs.

YachtAid Global
Dedicated to delivering humanitarian, developmental and conservation aid onboard yachts to isolated as well as underprivileged coastal communities worldwide. In times of natural disasters, YachtAid Global has the ability to mobilize and shift resources quickly to provide disaster relief in ways that others have not explored. Founded in 2006 using superyachts.

Travel Information

Why and how to help locals when travelling
Posted September 2015.
Whilst this article is aimed at backpackers, it gives some great pointers for all worldwide travellers and food for thought . . .
Online Oceania travel directory. Links to directories for Africa, Europe, America and Asia.


USVI: new U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) building under construction

Wintering in the Mediterranean

Refilling your gas bottles from a larger container

Seychelles, big storm, lee shore: We learned about sailing from this!

Handling rough conditions in port

Warning for transport company "Seven Seas Yacht Transport"

Getting work done on your boat whilst long distance cruising: Cruisers Tips

Trading Goods in the South Pacific

Transiting the Panama Canal without an Agent: Cruisers' Report

Cruising Equipment - What's your most valuable list?

Clearance Formalities Worldwide: How Experiences Vary

South Pacific Cyclone Season in the tropics: Calculated risks

Caribbean: Cruisers' Facebook Groups

Pre-Passage Checks & Preparation

Ordering spares whilst cruising the Eastern Mediterranean

Australian Long Distance Cruisers: Useful Services that are hard to find

Eastern Caribbean Cruising: Simplified Clearance Procedures Explained

Seven Seas Cruising Association

Guidance on managing garbage when cruising remote islands in the Pacific

Securing your boat from intruders

eZone: Clearance and delivery of online purchases into the Caribbean, Latin and Central America

Circumnavigating Europe: 11 years of great cruising

Unknown Crew on passage? A word of warning...

Cruising the South Pacific with Pets on board - hassle in Fiji

Is Satellite Imagery The Future Of Search-And-Rescue Operations?

Electrics: Tips from an unplanned re-wiring

Garbage Disposal at Sea and in the Eastern Caribbean

Caribbean Boatyard Safety: Good Grounding Saves Lives

Caribbean Security for Cruisers: Everyone’s Concern, Everyone’s Responsibility

Buying the ideal boat for you

Pacific Cyclone Season: North instead of South

Demystifying international clearance for cruisers

Malaysia: Dealing with the death of a loved one whilst cruising

Overland trucking to avoid the Red Sea

Pacific Planning Advice

Rescue at Sea: What Happens When the Freighter Arrives

How to Extend Zinc-Anode Life

Five bits of gear I wish I'd known about before I left to go cruising

Catamarans now more popular for long distance cruising

A Guide to Getting Work Done on your Boat in Thailand

Re-Galvanizing ground tackle in Australia

Re-Filling LPG Cylinders Worldwide

Useful Advice on Keeping Personal Information Safe on the Internet

Buying a second hand yacht in the USA to export

The Fuel Hose Trick

Kava – Southern Pacific way of life

How To Be Sure Your Anchor Is Set

Possible advice on avoiding Propane issues

Anchoring in PNG - How we nearly lost our boat (twice)
Posted August 2016.
Jim and Katie Thomsen have sailed Tenaya over 50,000 miles during the past ten years, visiting 50 countries. Most times things have been easy and safe, but a few times things could have gone very wrong. This is the story of one of those times - a very useful use of 15 mintues of your time if you are considering cruising to remote islands where anchoring off a reef in an exposed roadstead is the only option.
Attainable Adventure Cruising
A website for offshore cruising sailors who want to get off the beaten path.
Cruising information, articles, sources and resources for UK based cruising yachtsman, with links, information and articles of interest to the wider cruising community.
Computers Aboard
Four cruisers discuss the systems that keep them connected, entertained and on course. Another informative article by Cruising World.
Fishing: Go Saltwater Fishing
A valuable source of saltwater fishing tips, tackle and techniques for offshore sailors both on passage and at anchor.
How to lay up a yacht abroad
December 2014
John Neal and Amanda Swan Neal take you through a detailed list of how to decommission a yacht when leaving it ashore in a foreign country. Published by Yachting World.
Jimmy Cornell
All about Jimmy, his book, boats, voyages and rallies. Some good resources here for long distance cruising.
Marina Life
Marina Information and booking services for the U.S., Canada, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Central America.
Multihull Cruising Web Site
Dedicated to multihull cruising this non-commercial site offers forums on every make of catamaran, a multihull links library, free classified adverts, product reviews and more.
Great information resource for cruising sailors with free newsletter.
Sailing and Boating
Cruising and sailing information gathered during a circumnavigation, including detailed notes on Red Sea and Atlantic crossing. Down load various useful ebooks.
Salty Sailors
A general cruising information website.
Seasonal Cruising Yacht Movements
This site has a detailed guide to the seasonal times (on average) cruising yachts move between popular worldwide destinations.
The Sailing Podcast
Posted June 2013.
David and Carina Anderson, based in Queensland, Australia, have a great series of interviews for sailors and cruisers. Good to listen to on those long night watches. Over 30 interviews completed to date.
Wintering: Leave and Return with Peace-of-Mind
A great article by BWS contributing editor John Neal on how to decommission and commission your boat in a foreign port.
Information for cruisers on a variety of topics including high-latitude sailing in Greenland and working with aluminum boats.
Platinum Sponsors
Home Port for the Ocean Cruising Community
Bi-annual OCC Flying Fish Journal
Worldwide Port Officers

Over 200 boats and 1200 people take part in the ARC every year
2700 NM across the Atlantic from Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia
A rally for everyone; families, racers, couples, big boats and modest boats
Two weeks of pre-departure activities in Las Palmas
Welcomed in Saint Lucia with a rum punch and a chilled beer
Fantastic achievement - crossing an ocean on a small sailboat

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Greece: New Cruising Tax - 19 days and counting . . .  (14 Mar 2019)

UK: The OCC Announces Awards for 2018

UK: The OCC Announces Awards for 2018  (12 Feb 2019)

Small Caribbean Island's Waste Management: How Cruisers can Help

Small Caribbean Island's Waste Management: How Cruisers can Help   (22 Jan 2019)

USA: How does the Government shutdown affect the cruising community?

USA: How does the Government shutdown affect the cruising community?   (20 Jan 2019)

Magnetic North Pole: Shifting Rapidly and Unpredictably

Magnetic North Pole: Shifting Rapidly and Unpredictably  (12 Jan 2019)

Mediterranean Bound? Some Useful Noonsite Articles and Links

Mediterranean Bound? Some Useful Noonsite Articles and Links  (10 Jan 2019)

A Dedication to Karsten Staffeldt – a great friend to the cruising community

A Dedication to Karsten Staffeldt – a great friend to the cruising community  (10 Dec 2018)

Caribbean Bound? Some Useful Noonsite Articles and Links

Caribbean Bound? Some Useful Noonsite Articles and Links  (16 Nov 2018)

Mediterranean and Red Sea: GPS interference reported

Mediterranean and Red Sea: GPS interference reported  (14 Nov 2018)

Indian Ocean and Red Sea Passage: Helping cruisers exchange information

Indian Ocean and Red Sea Passage: Helping cruisers exchange information  (18 Oct 2018)

New Forum for Travelling Families

New Forum for Travelling Families  (16 Oct 2018)

Greek Cruising Tax Update

Greek Cruising Tax Update  (09 Oct 2018)

Australia:  Brisbane inner city boat moorings to go

Australia: Brisbane inner city boat moorings to go  (03 Sep 2018)

UK: Bluewater Weekend set to inspire offshore sailors

UK: Bluewater Weekend set to inspire offshore sailors   (14 Apr 2018)

Awards for the ocean cruising community: The OCC Award goes to David Register for OpenCPN

Awards for the ocean cruising community: The OCC Award goes to David Register for OpenCPN  (23 Jan 2018)

After the Hurricanes: Sailors Lend a Hand

After the Hurricanes: Sailors Lend a Hand  (13 Jan 2018)

Help transport Disaster Relief Cargo if you are headed to the Caribbean

Help transport Disaster Relief Cargo if you are headed to the Caribbean  (27 Nov 2017)

Caribbean cruising after hurricanes Irma and Maria

Caribbean cruising after hurricanes Irma and Maria  (19 Nov 2017)

Volunteer Boatlifts Help Storm-Battered Dominica

Volunteer Boatlifts Help Storm-Battered Dominica  (09 Nov 2017)

Noonsite nominated for Maritime Media Awards 2017

Noonsite nominated for Maritime Media Awards 2017  (22 Sep 2017)

USA Sailors: a warning about renewing USCG documentation early via Pay.Gov

USA Sailors: a warning about renewing USCG documentation early via Pay.Gov  (28 Jul 2017)

Cuba: President Trump changes Cuba policies again

Cuba: President Trump changes Cuba policies again  (25 Jun 2017)

RCC Pilotage Foundation: Navionics Webinar Pacific Crossing

RCC Pilotage Foundation: Navionics Webinar Pacific Crossing  (12 Jun 2017)

Active Captain acquired by Garmin

Active Captain acquired by Garmin  (12 May 2017)

UK: Noonsite Team presented with the OCC Geoff Pack Memorial Award

UK: Noonsite Team presented with the OCC Geoff Pack Memorial Award  (19 Apr 2017) Editorial Team recognised with the 2016 Ocean Cruising Club Geoff Pack Memorial Trophy Editorial Team recognised with the 2016 Ocean Cruising Club Geoff Pack Memorial Trophy  (14 Feb 2017)

The Ocean Cruising Club Awards for 2016: Noonsite awarded The Geoff Pack Memorial Trophy

The Ocean Cruising Club Awards for 2016: Noonsite awarded The Geoff Pack Memorial Trophy   (10 Feb 2017)

Europe's version of GPS reaches operational milestone

Europe's version of GPS reaches operational milestone  (16 Dec 2016)

Cruising Europe: ICC Course Now Available to All (A Clarification)

Cruising Europe: ICC Course Now Available to All (A Clarification)  (28 Nov 2016)

Southeast Asia Pilot - 25 years in print

Southeast Asia Pilot - 25 years in print  (16 Nov 2016)

Fiji: Sea Mercy's work in the Lau Group after Cyclone Winston.

Fiji: Sea Mercy's work in the Lau Group after Cyclone Winston.  (26 Oct 2016)

UK & Med: Imray Digital Charts now available on Raymarine chartplotters

UK & Med: Imray Digital Charts now available on Raymarine chartplotters  (05 Jul 2016)

UK, USA & Germany: Ocean cruising experts share their sailing knowledge at Boat Show Forums

UK, USA & Germany: Ocean cruising experts share their sailing knowledge at Boat Show Forums   (28 Jun 2016)

Increasing Safety at Sea for Cruisers: Worldwide DSC calling strategy for recreational vessels

Increasing Safety at Sea for Cruisers: Worldwide DSC calling strategy for recreational vessels  (25 Feb 2016)

Cyber-Crime Scams Against Yachts in the Caribbean - CSSN Special Report

Cyber-Crime Scams Against Yachts in the Caribbean - CSSN Special Report  (17 Feb 2016)

The OCC Announces Award Recipients for 2015

The OCC Announces Award Recipients for 2015   (11 Feb 2016)

UK, London Boat Show:  ARC Bluewater Cruisers Question Time

UK, London Boat Show: ARC Bluewater Cruisers Question Time  (26 Dec 2015)

Voyaging with Kids

Voyaging with Kids  (07 Dec 2015)

Cruising the Caribbean: Free Cruising Guides Unveils New Website

Cruising the Caribbean: Free Cruising Guides Unveils New Website  (15 Oct 2015)

Adventurous Cruising: Meet Pilotage experts at the Southampton Boat Show, UK

Adventurous Cruising: Meet Pilotage experts at the Southampton Boat Show, UK  (06 Sep 2015)

You can now give something back to noonsite

You can now give something back to noonsite  (13 Jul 2015)

UK, Falmouth: 2018 Golden Globe Race announced

UK, Falmouth: 2018 Golden Globe Race announced  (21 Apr 2015)

VentureFarther: A new website for cruisers to share information

VentureFarther: A new website for cruisers to share information  (13 Apr 2015)

Micronesia: Books for Schools - how you can help

Micronesia: Books for Schools - how you can help  (25 Mar 2015)

ICC Now Available to All

ICC Now Available to All  (28 Nov 2014)

The Ocean Cruising Club Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Record Gatherings Around the World

The Ocean Cruising Club Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Record Gatherings Around the World  (08 Sep 2014)

TV Network looking for cruisers: this time first time expectant parents

TV Network looking for cruisers: this time first time expectant parents  (07 Aug 2014)

Sail-World Cruising: Founding Editor Nancy Knudsen says farewell

Sail-World Cruising: Founding Editor Nancy Knudsen says farewell  (16 Jul 2014)

Imray Nautical App

Imray Nautical App  (29 Jun 2014)

Report Icon

Life on the Hook: Hunting for Larger than Life Characters  (17 Jun 2014)

First book on High Latitude Sailing released

First book on High Latitude Sailing released  (21 May 2014)

Australia Customs: Move to make pleasure craft reporting and clearance totally electronic

Australia Customs: Move to make pleasure craft reporting and clearance totally electronic  (12 May 2014)

Greek Tax (TPP); Relaxation of Port Police Procedures (as at 28 April 2014)

Greek Tax (TPP); Relaxation of Port Police Procedures (as at 28 April 2014)  (05 May 2014)

EU: Move to end 'visa' limits to non-EU sailors

EU: Move to end 'visa' limits to non-EU sailors  (07 Apr 2014)

World Cruising Routes by Jimmy Cornell: Fully revised 7th edition to be published this month

World Cruising Routes by Jimmy Cornell: Fully revised 7th edition to be published this month  (06 Apr 2014)

UK South Coast Flare amnesty: Dispose of your out-of-date flares

UK South Coast Flare amnesty: Dispose of your out-of-date flares   (30 Mar 2014)

Norway: Norwegian Pilot Guide currently free to download

Norway: Norwegian Pilot Guide currently free to download  (11 Mar 2014)

UK: Crowdsourced boats to map the seas

UK: Crowdsourced boats to map the seas   (03 Mar 2014)

Winter Heating & Carbon Monoxide Dangers – Alert to Boat Owners

Winter Heating & Carbon Monoxide Dangers – Alert to Boat Owners  (27 Feb 2014)

Yacht Transport: DYT Yacht Transport and Sevenstar Yacht Transport Partnership

Yacht Transport: DYT Yacht Transport and Sevenstar Yacht Transport Partnership  (19 Feb 2014)

NOAA Releases Interactive Chart Catalogue

NOAA Releases Interactive Chart Catalogue  (17 Feb 2014)

Cruisers Network Online: Caribbean, Mediterranean, Africa, South Pacific

Cruisers Network Online: Caribbean, Mediterranean, Africa, South Pacific  (07 Feb 2014)

Ocean Cruising Club announce annual 2013 Awards

Ocean Cruising Club announce annual 2013 Awards  (13 Jan 2014)

Practical preparation for an offshore passage from the experts  at World Cruising Club  UK and USA

Practical preparation for an offshore passage from the experts at World Cruising Club UK and USA  (16 Dec 2013)

Caribbean: St Vincent Coast Guard Security Advice to Yacht Owners

Caribbean: St Vincent Coast Guard Security Advice to Yacht Owners   (28 Nov 2013)

Looking for Liveaboards for New TV Show

Looking for Liveaboards for New TV Show  (15 Nov 2013)

Christmas additions to your boat library

Christmas additions to your boat library  (08 Nov 2013)

Canaries, Lanzarote: Women & Cruising Forum at Puerto Calero

Canaries, Lanzarote: Women & Cruising Forum at Puerto Calero  (08 Nov 2013)

Caribbean Security for Cruisers: Everyone’s Concern, Everyone’s Responsibility

Caribbean Security for Cruisers: Everyone’s Concern, Everyone’s Responsibility  (01 Nov 2013)

NOAA announces end of traditional paper nautical charts

NOAA announces end of traditional paper nautical charts  (22 Oct 2013)

Southern Mediterranean: North African migrant emergency means cruisers should be vigilant

Southern Mediterranean: North African migrant emergency means cruisers should be vigilant  (15 Oct 2013)

Ocean Cruising Club and SeaBC Announce Cooperative Effort to Record and Report Sea Bird Sightings

Ocean Cruising Club and SeaBC Announce Cooperative Effort to Record and Report Sea Bird Sightings  (06 Oct 2013)

UK: Red Diesel Update

UK: Red Diesel Update  (29 Jul 2013)

Mediterranean Anchoring Restrictions

Mediterranean Anchoring Restrictions  (22 Jul 2013)

Cruising Life: The Best Stories from Caribbean Compass

Cruising Life: The Best Stories from Caribbean Compass  (02 Jul 2013)

Philippines, Mindanao, Davao: The final passage of Ellen Lee Kwen (SV Wiskun)

Philippines, Mindanao, Davao: The final passage of Ellen Lee Kwen (SV Wiskun)  (26 Jun 2013)

Croatia: Sailing magnet now, but what after she joins the EU in July?

Croatia: Sailing magnet now, but what after she joins the EU in July?   (24 Jun 2013)

New Features on noonsite: Adding Comments

New Features on noonsite: Adding Comments  (20 Jun 2013)

Space weather may reduce GPS accuracy

Space weather may reduce GPS accuracy  (19 Jun 2013)

Nicaragua Congress approves ocean-to-ocean canal plan

Nicaragua Congress approves ocean-to-ocean canal plan  (16 Jun 2013)

Sailors turned Scientists: Be a part of the world's biggest plankton survey

Sailors turned Scientists: Be a part of the world's biggest plankton survey  (16 Apr 2013)

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Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) Announces Two Openings in Youth Blue Water Cruising Programme for 2013 Season  (04 Apr 2013)

Report Icon

Panama, Shelter Bay Marina: Boatyard Manager Vacancy  (18 Mar 2013)

Report Icon

USA: NOAA and U.S. Power Squadrons Renew Cooperative Charting Program  (25 Jan 2013)

Report Icon

Australia: Marine Imray Charts App just released for iPad  (23 Jan 2013)

Report Icon

The Ocean Cruising Club announces recipients of the 2012 OCC Awards  (23 Jan 2013)

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Cruising Association (CA) Launches North Sea Section  (09 Jan 2013)

Report Icon

Honduras, Roatan: Foreign Cruisers Disrespect Local Marine Park Laws   (26 Dec 2012)

Report Icon

Ocean Crew Link: New Online Directory to connect Boat Owners with Offshore sailing crew.  (17 Dec 2012)

Report Icon

New Show looking for People who live their lives at Sea  (16 Oct 2012)