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VentureFarther: A new website for cruisers to share information

By Jon Turgeon — last modified Apr 17, 2015 01:41 PM
Circumnavigator Jon Turgeon has developed a useful website for cruisers through which a multitude of information can be shared: anchorages; scuba spots; routes; waypoints; tracks. The website also allows you to create satellited image based charts, advanced position reporting and generate Cruisers Guide e-books.

Published: 2015-04-13 23:00:00
Topics: Cruising Information , Routing

Jon & Heather Turgeon from the sailboat "Evergreen", a Tashiba 40, have been sailing around the world since 1997. Jon started thinking about a website like VentureFarther somewhere in the Pacific, and after many months of development in between cruising and boat projects, it has now been launched.

Introducing a Global Cruiser's Website With State Of The Art Features

VentureFarther is a cruising website built by a cruiser for cruisers & growing in members by the day. To unlock the full potential of VentureFarther you will need to join, which is fast and free.

KAP file image generation for satellite charts with the click of a button, ready for use in computer based navigation programs. It cannot get any easier. Over 5000 satellite charts have been generated. No software installs needed so you can create/download them from your PC/Mac/iPad or Android Tablet.

Integration with the iPad navigation app SEAiq. The current level of integration is KAP generation. While using the app, just request a satellite kap (if you are currently connected to the internet) and VentureFarther will create the requested chart, all from within SEAiq. Development is ongoing with SEAiq for further integrations.

GPS Markers, Route, Zones and Tracks for anchorages, dive sites & hikes (and many more types) with the ability to upload pictures & edit by any registered user so that the info can stay fresh. All users can add markers, routes, zones and tracks to share with all.

Cruiser's Guide E-book download at the click of a button for each country that has markers entered. Info is current at the time of download based on the content of the markers. The more you share the better these guides get!

GPX upload/download simply the fastest/easiest way to share data with your fellow cruisers. Why spend hours typing in waypoints into your charting program when you can quickly import a GPX and get all in seconds?

Position Reporting (both internet based and integrated with Airmail including the ability to send Pan Pan, security or info messages to boats within a 500 mile radius as well as "Buddy Boat Radar" where registered users can opt to see position reports of other boats around them.

These are just a few of the available features with more on the way!

Check out the site, download a chart or E-book, enter a marker or provide feedback.

Contact email for more info:

Background Information by the creators of VentureFarther

We have lived aboard since 1997 when we left at 28 years old to do the ICW to the Bahamas on our 31' Cape Dory. When we returned we settled in Boston and started saving and looking for a blue water boat. We bought a Tashiba 40' and started a refit. After a 5 year work stint we left for the Eastern Caribbean through Bermuda to try out passage making. We returned to Boston again after that cruise for 3 years to build up some money. We left for a circumnavigation by heading to the western Caribbean. While there in the second year the US stock market crashed and we turned around and returned to Boston to work a bit disappointed. We worked another 2 years till the market rebounded and we headed to out again for our second attempt at a circumnavigation. Just over 3 years after we left Maine in 2011 we are currently in Australia and signed up for the Sail2Indonesia rally with a destination of Thailand where we hope to stay for a year and travel inland.

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