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Great Anchorages of the World - Do you know one?

By Sue Richards — last modified Jan 15, 2013 01:05 PM

Published: 2013-01-15 00:00:00
Topics: Cruising Information

Malcolm Snook, author of "How to Anchor Safely so you Sleep Well", is hoping to complete a 2nd book (or an appendix to the original to reissue) titled "Great Anchorages of the World".

Any cruisers keen to contribute are asked to submit suggestions as to great anchorages they know and love. You can submit one or several and please state if you would like a credit (i.e. this anchorage was submitted by Horatio Nelson of sailing yacht Victory).

Malcolm is also interested in linking to other projects.

Please include:

  • Name of anchorage
  • Country
  • Lat and Long of a safe waypoint just outside the entrance for sailors to look up
  • Submitted by (If you want you name on it, leave blank if not)
  • A short description of what makes this anchorage so great in your view. As a guide: Is it particularly safe (that's always good)? Holding? Is it a good bolt hole in bad weather? Is it tremendously beautiful? Does it have great facilities, a wonderful city, or do you love it for its seclusion? Is it special for its wildlife? Is it special for its social life? Is it a place you could over winter afloat with no problems? Any caveats? Any other comments or reasons of your own?

Please submit to: [email protected]


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