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Can you work while Cruising?

By Sue Richards last modified Feb 02, 2018 04:23 PM

Published: 2018-01-12 00:00:00

We hope to compile some useful blog links & articles for those who are wondering what work they could do to finance the cruising lifestyle. If you currently work while cruising and have written an article on the subject, please consider sharing it with noonsite. Contact

Can you work on board? 

Working While Cruising—Our Offices on “Morgan’s Cloud”
Phyllis Nickel and John Harries, authors of the Norwegian Cruising Guide, work while they cruise with long hours required at the computer. This article has photos of their workstations on Morgan’s Cloud, as well as some notes on the communications and computer gear they use, and some useful aside tips that will make all cruisers’ lives easier.
Paul and Sheryl Shard of Distant Shores examine if your chart table could become your office.

SV Angel - A lady sailing her boat & working as a mobile, marine mechanic

The Game Design Studio on a Boat
Devine Lu Linvega and Rekka Bell, the duo behind the game design studio 100 Rabbits, decided to sell everything, buy a sailboat (both complete sailing novices), and attempt a transient lifestyle documenting their travels and creating games that draw from their experiences.

Personal coaching: ask the cruiser
Circumnavigators and experienced long-term cruisers, Behan and Jamie, offer a personal coaching service to mentor those new to the cruising lifestyle.

How to Write Articles for Sailing Magazines
Robin Urquhart of Young & Salty is a young cruiser always looking for ways to make money while sailing. One of the best ways she has found is writing for sailing magazines. If you're an aspiring writer read her tips for getting your foot in the door.

How we make money to stay afloat
A useful summary (put together by of blogs by cruisers on how they earn money in order to keep on cruising.

How we fund the cruising life
Everybody wants to know, but few ask. After eight years circumnavigating, SV Totem's cruising family spill the beans on how they can afford to do what they do.



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