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SSCA Trans-Atlantic Cruisers' Net - Starts April 15th

By Daria Blackwell — last modified May 13, 2018 10:13 AM
Open to everyone including non-members, The Trans-Atlantic Net will offer weather routing by Chris Parker.

Published: 2018-04-12 00:00:00
Topics: Atlantic Crossing , Communications

From OCC News

Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA) has partnered with Chris Parker of Marine Weather Service and two other HAM stations to provide a Trans-Atlantic Cruisers’ Net.

Beginning on April 15, 2018, and continuing during the traditional crossing seasons for spring and winter, Chris Parker will provide weather routing specifically for those crossing the Atlantic.

His Trans-Atlantic passage weather will begin at 2200 UTC on SSB frequencies 8.137 USB and 12.350 USB. SSCA’s net controllers Glenn Tuttle and Jim West, as well as Dick Giddings from the Cruiseheimers and Doo-Dah Nets, will host a cruisers’ net at 2130, one-half hour prior to Chris’ broadcast. They will also stand by to provide relays during the weather net.

The Trans-Atlantic Cruisers’ Net Sponsored by SSCA
Starting on April 15, 2018, at 2130 UTC on SSB frequency 12.350
This service is available to all cruisers, not only SSCA members.

This Net will be monitored by the following:
- From SSCA, Glenn Tuttle and Jim West
- From Cruiseheimers and Doo Dah Nets, Dick Giddings
- Chris Parker with Marine Weather Center’s Transatlantic Passage Net will follow at 2200 UTC also on SSB frequency 12.350

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