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The Ultimate Survival Manual

By Val Ellis last modified Mar 05, 2013 03:20 PM
333 Skills That Will Get You Out Alive

Published: 2013-03-05 15:20:59
Topics: Books,Charts and DVDs

By Rich Johnson
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing ( March 2013)
Paperback - £18.99
ISBN 9781408192511

Your Go-To Guide For Surviving Anything

Do you enjoy meeting challenges, coping with crises and tasting danger? This book will equip you with all the skills you need to deal with an urban crisis, a wilderness challenge or even a dire apocalyptic situation.

From potentially useful abilities like how to find water anywhere, even in a desert, how to treat shock, heatstroke and frostbite, build a shelter from branches and leaves, and fish with your shirt.

To fascinating techniques that are unlikely ever to be needed like how to predict the weather from plants, survive a stampede or wildfire, swim through burning oil, jump from a moving train or cross a fast-moving river, this book details over 300 skills that seem absolutely essential to know whilst you're reading the book.

Written in a wry, humorous way and packed with colour photographs, illustrations, diagrams and lists, The Ultimate Survival Manual will teach you absolutely essential skills, abilities and techniques. However did you manage to survive without them?

Rich Johnson was a paratrooper and demolition officer with US Special Forces. He has also been a coastguard instructor, paramedic and firefighter, and in his spare time is a keen sailor, diver and skier. He once survived in the desert wilderness for a year, living in a cave and eating insects.

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