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A Thinking Mans Guide to Voyages South - the many facets of Caribbean Cruising

By Val Ellis last modified Jan 10, 2013 01:15 PM
3rd Edition just published - now 20% larger than before.

Published: 2013-01-10 13:15:59
Topics: Books,Charts and DVDs
Countries: Cuba , St Barts , St Kitts & Nevis , Anguilla , Antigua & Barbuda , Aruba , Bahamas , Barbados , Bermuda , Bonaire , British Virgin Islands , Cayman Islands , Curacao , Dominica , Dominican Republic , Guadeloupe , Haiti , Jamaica , Martinique , Montserrat , Puerto Rico , Saba , Sint Maarten , Spanish Virgin Islands , Grenada , Turks & Caicos , St Lucia , St Martin , St Vincent & the Grenadines , Statia , Trinidad & Tobago , US Virgin Islands

Author: Frank Virgintino
Published: 3rd Edition January 2013
Available as a Kindle version at as well as other EPub bookstores.

Frank Virgintino, author of numerous Free Cruising Guides for the Caribbean, first published “A Thinking Mans Guide to Voyages South” in 2011 after a year's work. At over 200 pages long, the Guide addresses everything North American sailors need to know to get to the Caribbean safely through a discussion of various routes from North America to the Caribbean as well as a discussion of the entire Caribbean - which the author breaks down into four quadrants.

The author hopes that the Guide will allow for a clearer understanding of the entire Caribbean as well as the various routes that can be employed. Additionally, that cruising the Caribbean in "Quadrants" will make the entire journey easier to understand.

This latest edition is 20 percent larger than before, with additional enhanced charts to provide cruisers with visual references for the thought provoking presentations of critical factors in route planning. The author expands an in depth discussion of the pros and cons not only of the options to depart the North American coast but also of the various entries into the Caribbean, including the “back door” at the western end of Cuba.

The author’s innovative description of “the Hole” in the southwestern Caribbean and his consequent approach to the surprising characteristics of this area are especially valuable for cruisers contemplating a circumnavigation of the Caribbean; or perhaps poised at the eastern side of “the Hole”.

For every sailor that has ever dreamed of cruising to the Caribbean and in the Caribbean, this book is a comprehensive and in depth review of all aspects. Not only does it cover routes to the Caribbean from N. America and cruising routes around the Caribbean, it also looks at all aspects of preparation, weather and Gulf Stream information, safety and security and local knowledge and advice imparted by someone who has cruised the Caribbean extensively for many years.

This is a worthy read and useful reference for all Caribbean cruisers, not just those hailing from N America. A welcome update to “A Gentlemans’ Guide to Passages South”, by Bruce Van Sant.

Frank Virgintino is a native New Yorker. His sailing background of over forty years covers the Canadian Maritimes, all of the eastern seaboard of the United States and the entire Caribbean, many times over. Aside from cruising he has spent the better part of his career building and administering marinas.

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