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Queensland Marinas: Public Liability Insurance

By Sue Richards last modified Aug 21, 2012 07:22 AM

Published: 2012-08-21 07:22:11
Countries: Australia

See below a first hand report from one of the Rally yachts that secured AUD$10million liability insurance once in Australia.

Having just arrived in Australia with World ARC, we wanted to pass on the information we have found out concerning public liability insurance requirements here.

In most Queensland marinas, there is now a requirement for any visiting vessel to have public liability insurance for AUD$5million. Most global marina insurance policies often fall short of this amount, especially now that the strength of the Australian dollar has made the amount relatively higher when translated across currencies (i.e. previously a GB£2million cover would have been fine with the exchange rate, but with the Australian dollar now on 1.5, it would have to be GB£3.5million of cover).

Darwin especially have been enforcing this lately, following an incident with a foreign vessel last year.

Airlie Beach marinas are apparently now requiring a $10million liability. Almost impossible to get without a huge insurance premium. Both marinas in Airlie Beach are now owned by the same company, and reports are that they are not that friendly towards visiting yachts. This may be why numbers are way down for their historic Airlie Beach race week this August.

I have spoken to most of the Australian Insurance companies about getting temporary coverage for visiting boats to just cover this liabilty and nothing else. The largest insurer here, Club Marine, require a haul out before insuring any foreign boat, so not really worth it. Pantaenius have just opened in Australia and ask people to get in touch with them for a quote, as do Nautilus marine. Both, in theory, say they could provide cover, but probably require a 12 month policy to be taken out and then cancelled if the boat is only in the country for a short time (like the World ARC boats).

Some of the US boats were quoted US$3500 by their own insurers to increase their own policy for just this cover. From the policies I've seen, Pantaenius seem to be the most flexible.

Pantaenius said:
A temporary third party liability policy can be provided quickly enough. We will need details of the vessel and owner in particular length, registration, address of the owner and whether the vessel is used for charter. We can then provide a quotation based on these details. Premiums will be based on each individual circumstances. You will also need to confirm the indemnity required. This may be higher than AUD 5,000,000 for vessels over 15 metres in length. Please note that we are unable to provide quotations in AUD. The client will need to select GBP, EUR or USD.

Nautilus said:
The premium charged is non refundable – this is due to the type of risk we are insuring. The vessels are to be insured on an individual basis and be within our acceptable criteria.

Contact Information

Pantaenius Australia: Jamie MacPhail ([email protected])

Nautilus: Niomie O'Connor ([email protected]).

Nick Martin
Event Development Manager
World Cruising Club

Nick and Rally Control;
August 12th 2012
I thought I would let you know that I have been asked for $10M liability insurance at Able Point Marina in Airlie Beach. They would not let me stay more than one night without the insurance. However, Southern Cross was not asked for the insurance at the same marina. The locals I talked to said that the marinas further north will be requiring it. I have not been asked for the insurance at Hamilton Marina.

I have been able to obtain the insurance through the company below. They were referred to me by Able Point Marina. They provided us $10M liability insurance up to September 5 when we leave Darwin for $221.38. They are willing to provide this insurance to the rest of the fleet. All of the matters were handled quickly over the phone and they emailed me proof of coverage. Neil was the person I worked with.

s/v At Last

Nautilus Marine Insurance
Suite 1A, 188 Stratton Terrace
Manly QLD 4179
Tel: 07 3396 2344
Fax: 07 3396 2399