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By Administrator last modified Sep 17, 2012 07:46 AM

Candian Yachtsman tells of rescue in eight-metre swell (02 Aug 2011)

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From A lone Canadian yachtsman says he's lucky a long out-of-date battery still powered his emergency beacon when he ... (Read more)

Caribbean: Sea Rescue off Grenada on Mothers Day (11 Jun 2011)

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Sent to noonsite by John, Denise and Natasha Cluistra, SV Nauti Cat. SEA RESCUE 30nm’s off Grenada on “Mothers day” ... (Read more)

Can Anyone Rescue the UK Coastguard? (23 May 2011)

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From the HM Coastguard is used by mariners the world over and has saved countless lives at sea. So ... (Read more)

USA: Rogue Wave Swamps Cruising Yacht off East Coast (19 May 2011)

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As reported in The danger of an unexpected rogue wave is ever present, no matter where you are sailing, ... (Read more)

Lewmar Safety Notice (27 Apr 2011)

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On 5 March 2011, an accident occurred aboard a 2006 Amel 54 in Jolly Harbour Marina, Antigua while carrying out ... (Read more)

Massive floating rubbish islands from Japan tsunami spotted on Pacific (08 Apr 2011)

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Massive floating rubbish islands of houses, cars and bodies almost 70 miles in length from the Japanese tsunami are causing ... (Read more)

Are Sharks Colour Blind? Why NOT to Wear Black Swim Gear (25 Jan 2011)

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Sharks are unable to distinguish colors, even though their close relatives rays and chimaeras have some colour vision, according to ... (Read more)

Life Jacket Safety Warning (01 Jan 2011)

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Sun, 26 Dec 2010 A Marine Safety Alert has been issued warning about a number of Type I (Offshore) PFD's ... (Read more)

Falmouth coordinates rescue of yacht after fishing boat collision (16 Dec 2010)

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By Fred Caygill/Sail-World Cruising Friday 10 December, 2010. The danger of fishing boats to yachts was underlined this week when ... (Read more)

South Africa: Yacht collision with cargo ship (12 Nov 2010)

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Fri, 5 Nov 2010 By Dispatch Online/Sail-World Cruising Three South African crew members on a yacht delivery trip between East ... (Read more)

More Than 40 Million Kidde Fire Extinguishers Recalled for Safety Hazard (05 Nov 2017)

More Than 40 Million Kidde Fire Extinguishers Recalled for Safety Hazard

The extinguishers, sold by Kidde, can become clogged or "require excessive force to discharge," and fail to work during a ... (Read more)