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By Administrator last modified Sep 17, 2012 07:46 AM

New port of entry and other news from Madagascar (23 Aug 2002)

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St.Marie on the east coast of Madagascar has become an official port of entry. Procedures are straightforward, the officials very ... (Read more)

Turkish government lifts most restrictions on foreign yachts (19 Aug 2002)

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Yesterday, after 18 years, the legislation for yachting was changed in Turkey. At first glance the changes appear fundamental and ... (Read more)

Thailand tightens rules for long term visiting boats (19 Aug 2002)

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The Thai government has decided to apply more strictly a law which has been in force for a few years ... (Read more)

Panama Canal Raises Fees But Yachts May Not Be Affected (19 Aug 2002)

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On June 7th, the Panama Canal Authority announced an increase in transiting fees of 13 per cent for all types ... (Read more)

French Polynesia Tightens Rules on Visa Extensions (19 Aug 2002)

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Any cruiser arriving in French Polynesia has to go thru one of 2 authorities to clear immigration: the gendarmes or ... (Read more)

No Night Clearance for Yachts in Bermuda (19 Aug 2002)

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Significant procedural change relates to yacht arrivals between the hours of 0000 and 0800 Atlantic Daylight Time. Bermuda Customs are ... (Read more)

Costa Rica Tightens Procedure for Visiting Yachts (19 Aug 2002)

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In the past Costa Rica's customs department would gladly except a photo copy of the documentation for port clearance procedures. ... (Read more)

Cuba tightens entry procedures for yachts (19 Aug 2002)

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An increasing number of yachts are visiting Cuba and the entry procedures have been modified. Yachts may now only clear ... (Read more)

Active Captain acquired by Garmin (12 May 2017)

Active Captain acquired by Garmin

Active Corporation, the creator of one of the largest guides and databases for cruisers in the USA, has been acquired ... (Read more)

Thailand: AIS transponders mandatory on all foreign craft in Phuket waters, effective October 1 (13 Nov 2014)

Thailand: AIS transponders mandatory on all foreign craft in Phuket waters, effective October 1

With extracts from reports by the Phuket Gazette. Whilst not having AIS can result in a 6 month jail term, ... (Read more)