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By Administrator last modified Sep 17, 2012 07:46 AM

Indian Ocean Net (IO Net) Now Closed (06 Jun 2010)

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Dear Noonsite, Just to let you know that the Indian Ocean Net, aka The IO Net, has now closed after ... (Read more)

AIS Satellite Announcement (18 Sep 2008)

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ORBCOMM has successfully launched six AIS-equipped satellites (a Coast Guard Concept Demonstration satellite and five Quick Launch satellites) after the ... (Read more)

Fred Meyer - Radio "PiriPiri" (28 Aug 2008)

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Bob Hobbes, the administrator of Cruiser Log, reports the news of the passing of Fred Meyer - Controller of Radio ... (Read more)

Update Mobile Maritime Net SE Asia (27 Aug 2008)

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Because HF Radio propagation this year is so poor, it has been decided to disseminate security and weather information and ... (Read more)

Latest News On Mobile Maritime Net SE Asia (04 Aug 2008)

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Radio communication on HF radio is volatile at this time - propagation on our standard frequency of 14,323 MHz in ... (Read more)

US Coast Guard Announces Decision to Continue HF Weather Broadcasts (29 Feb 2008)

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In May 2007 Noonsite reported that the United States Coast Guard was seeking public comment on the need to continue ... (Read more)

Fate Of North American LORAN-C Radionavigation System To be Decided (16 Jan 2007)

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The US Department of Transportation in coordination with the Department of Homeland Security is considering the need to continue to ... (Read more)

Brunei Bay Radio Services (23 Feb 2005)

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Based at the geographic centre of Asia, Brunei Bay Radio is operated by a yacht owner and Yachtmaster Instructor for ... (Read more)

South East Asian Maritime Net frequency modification (13 Jul 2004)

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Rowdy's Net - Mobile Maritime Net (Region 3) South East Asian Waters - has changed frequency. The net is primarily ... (Read more)

SailMail gateway opens in Belgium (28 Aug 2002)

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Belgium is the latest location for another low cost HF e-mail gateway in the growing network of SailMail stations around ... (Read more)

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