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Millennium Rally Breakages Survey

By webmaster last modified Aug 18, 2002 06:17 PM

Published: 2002-08-18 18:17:21
Topics: Cruising Information

This is the results of a survey of breakages on the boats that sailed in the Millennium Odyssey Canarias Round the World Rally (1998-2000)

Out of the 26 boats that had actually completed a circumnavigation 14 boats returned the survey forms. A wide variety of breakages were reported and these are listed under the relevant heading.


  • Pimalo: Hurth gearbox: forward gear repaired Crete. Perkins Prima 50: various electrical faults, Corroded water pump
  • Aventura III: Volvo water pump: repaired in Portugal and Canaries
  • Aventurero III: several faults on the main engine
  • Jancris: shaft bearing replaced Cairns
  • Happy Spirit: main engine broken in Brazil (possible water ingression), repaired in Grenada
  • Hornblower: fresh water cooling pump replaced Tahiti (new pump from US)


  • Allegra B: Onan genset - minor repairs
  • Aventurero III: various genset problems
  • Jancris: seawater pump on genset repaired in Maldives
  • Taratoo: seawater pump on genset replaced Cairns, repaired again in Mauritius
  • Happy Spirit: replaced genset motor in Darwin. New sea water pump in Richards Bay


  • Allegra B: Victron charger replaced
  • Pimalo: Cristec inverter replaced in Australia. Charger replaced in Singapore


  • Allegra B: Cetrek processor replaced in Palma de Mallorca. Electric motor replaced in Singapore
  • Pimalo: Robertson motor broken/replaced Australia. Autohelm 6000: electronics corroded - unrepairable

Wind selfsteering

  • Pimalo: Servo-rudder broken twice. Replaced with spares.


  • Allegra B: Cetrek wind instruments broken
  • Pimalo: Plastimo compas replaced Las Palmas. B&G; speedometer broken


  • Jancris: Shipmate VHF broken. Replaced in Cairns


  • Allegra B: Broken forestay fitting. Repaired in Raiatea. Hydraulic backstay broken/replaced
  • Pimalo: Lower shroud damaged. Repaired in Las Palmas. Forestay fitting broken at the head of the mast. Furling gear twisted. 2 lower shrouds damaged. As a result, all rigging was replaced in Tahiti. 3 lower shrouds repaired in Singapore
  • Jancris: Lower shroud and chainplate broken. Repaired in Mallorca


  • Taratoo: Grounded on coral head in Fiji. Rudder repaired Cairns
  • Happy Spirit: Rudder flange machined in Valdivia


  • Aventurero III: Quadrant broken


  • Happy Spirit: Damaged keel repaired in Darwin

Deck fittings

  • Pimalo: Anchor winch motor repaired in Australia


  • Que Sera Sera: Gooseneck fitting repaired in Tahiti
  • Aventura III: Gooseneck fitting temporarily repaired in Antarctica
  • Taratoo: Both mainsail and mizzen goosenecks repaired in Cairns
  • Hornblower: Whisker pole: several failures


  • Pimalo: fridge short-circuit
  • Aventura III: flooded electronics LeMaire Channel. Replaced in Valdivia
  • Taratoo: Freezer compressor broken. Repaired Darwin, replaced Cape Town
  • Happy Spirit: Fridge repaired in Tahiti


  • Hornblower: PUR multiple failures. Replacement shipped from US at no cost


  • Allegra B: Sealand macerator pump: broken repeatedly


  • Que Sera Sera: Mainsail and staysail clew ripped out Red Sea
  • Aventura III: Tri-spinnaker blown out en route to Easter Island
  • Pimalo: Two spinnakers blown out
  • Taratoo: Several sails and spinnakers blown


  • Pimalo: Zodiac glue dissolving (repaired); bottom coming away
  • Futuro: Inflatable dinghy ripped by leopard seal in Antarctica


  • Foxy Lady: Collision with large whale off Dominica. Destroyed rudder. Had to rebuild rudder on existing frame in St Lucia.
  • Taratoo: Grounding on coral head in Fiji. Damaged keel hydraulic ram and rudder. Repaired Cairns
  • Risque: Grounding in Antarctica, damage to rudder. Repaired in Valdivia
  • Futuro: Grounding in Chilean canals. Damage to keel.

Personal accidents

  • Taratoo: Fabio Colapinto run down by local fishing boat in Mustique. Badly cut
  • Stampede: Crew Jo fell from dinghy in Maldives, cut up badly by outboard
  • Que Sera Sera: Crew badly burnt on neck and arm making coffee
  • Antaviana: Javier Visiers diving accident in Sudan. Had to be treated in decompression chamber in Jeddah