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Chaguaramas Repair Facilities

By webmaster last modified Jul 25, 2003 07:04 PM

Published: 2003-07-25 19:04:01
Countries: Trinidad & Tobago

We had "Koncerto" restored to her original condition in Chaguaramas. The recommendation is to spend at least a week here before deciding on contractors. Get quotes and try to ascertain a time frame for the work to be accomplished. This advice we took. Some of the quotes varied so much that one would think it was for different work. Two companies in the same building quoted the same amount to the cent. Funny huh? We accepted neither. The following contractors and businesses have been given our seal of approval. All work was completed on or before time.

"Koncerto" was hauled out at Peake Yacht Services, Tel (868) 634 4427 fax (868) 634 4387. They were very professional and had a diver on the sling to check everything was correct under the water before we were lifted. Peake is not the cheapest by a long shot but they had the only travel lift and dock wide enough to take the catamaran. They applied Sea Hawk 44 anti-fouling as the copperbot on Koncerto was not working in the Caribbean.

When we were in Tobago we noticed that the new anti-fouling had attracted barnacles, shock horror. This is not what we expected within 2 months so I emailed Peake Yacht Services. They said they would right the situation. Upon our return to Trinidad they arranged for "Koncerto" to be hauled out and inspected. They washed where necessary and a very gentle wash elsewhere. Straight after putting her on the hard stand they applied fresh Sea Hawke 44 to the problem areas. We were out 28 hours only. There was no charge to us. Just out of interest we met two other catamaran owners that had applied Sea Hawke 44, a year and 8 months respectively have both proved trouble-free. No one knows why the barnacles and growth were on some places and not on the matching areas on the other hull. A bouquet of flowers to Peake!

For boat restoration contact Gerald Awon at Awons Marine Services, Tel & fax (868) 634 4063 - cell 682 5584. Gerald re-gelcoated her coachroof and touched up the other areas that had been polished so severely that the gelcoat was very thin in places. She now looks like NEW! Gerald has 30 years experience in boat restoration.

For refrigeration contact Jeff or Dawn at NAU-T-KOL Refrigeration, Tel & fax (868) 634 2174. Jeff has over 30 years experience with refrigeration and has developed a system using a boat's fresh water supply to re-circulate the condensers coolant. So if you want seawater cooled, fresh water-cooled or air cooled Jeff has it all. We opted for 12-volt units that plug in, a fridge & freezer plus a separate freezer. We are thrilled with the units and the service and knowledge at NAU-T-KOL.

For replacement windows contact Brian at Marc One Marine Supplies Ltd. Tel & fax (868) 634 2259. "Koncerto" had very badly crazed windows and now has beautiful looking lexan replacements and new looking hatches.

For "everything for sail & power boats delivered at lowest price" contact Kurt at Marine Warehouse Ltd. Tel & fax (868) 634 4150. We have used him several times and found his service excellent. Goods come in duty free for "yachts in transit". Just take boat papers and a passport to clear the items at customs.

For welding fabrication & repairs contact Lincoln at Chaguaramas Metal Works Tele (868) 634-1164 Fax (868) 634 -1164. He has over 30 years experience and trained in Canada. "Koncerto" now has dinghy davits and solar panel brackets thanks to Lincoln.

For sail repair (and new of course) contact Andreas at ACE Sails & Canvas, Skinners Yard, Tel.: (868) 634 1521, Fax: (868) 634 1522.

For outboard motor servicing contact Ian at The Boat Yard Tel (868) 634 4536.

For interior woodwork fabrication contact Hollis at Baptiste Woodworks Tel (868) 663 8142. Hollis had just started working for himself when we met him and were impressed with work he was doing on another yacht. He proved to be reliable, prepared to tackle new jobs and reasonably priced. We wanted a job looking like it had been constructed when the boat was new and that is what we got.

For nature tours and shopping trips, some free as the store pays for the transport. Contact Jessie at Members Only Maxi Taxi Service. Tel (868) 633 3486 has answer phone or cellphone 683 5202. Everyone becomes a "member" when they arrive in Trinidad! A friendlier or more obliging person would be hard to find. The turtle-watching trip to see and touch the turtles while they are laying eggs is a great experience. If you go later in the season you can also see the babies crawling to the sea.

The trip to Caroni Bird Santuary to see Trinidad's national bird, the scarlet ibis was not as spellbinding but thoroughly enjoyable. They are very showy and plentiful. We also saw many other birds and termite nests.

For ophthalmic care contact Dr Bruno Mitchell who is a specialist eye surgeon Tel (868) 625 8945 fax (868) 623 0442. He is booked weeks in advance but his nurses can arrange for urgent cases to attended to the next day.

Please be aware that for security reasons it is recommended to sail at least 30 miles off shore of Eastern Venezuela when sailing between Trinidad and Margarita. I.e. head north of Chaguaramas towards Grenada before heading west.