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Entering And Clearance In Barcadera Harbour

By Val Ellis last modified May 09, 2009 01:55 AM

Published: 2009-05-09 01:55:46
Countries: Aruba

Call Aruba Port Control on channel 16 and notify them that you will be tying up for clearance at Barcadera harbour.

The outermost (yellow floating) harbor buoy is at approximately 12° 28.834' N 70° 00.43' W. When approaching from the Southeast make the turn into the harbour, keeping the yellow buoy to starboard. Line up the range markers which are black and yellow masts with a diamond day mark (the diamonds may be hard to see). The course will be 93° T. As you come in on this line you can see in front of you to the right the old harbour section with the big fences on it and to the left the new Northwest dock with the nice row of tires hanging on it where the local tenders and small trading ships tie up.

At the very end of this NW section of dock (left) there is a section where the tires have been removed and the face board is smooth and there are sufficient bollards to tie to. Be cautious of the shoal that runs just of this NW section of the dock. There are two pilings that mark the edge of the shoal. Use the range markers to run to a position just off the new section of the harbour (WP: 12° 28.855' N 070° 00.014' W). Turn left and pass between the pilings and the dock, keeping the pilings to port as you run parallel to the dock to the no tire section of the dock where you can tie up.

At extreme low tide depths will be running at 7 ft up to the last piling where there is a short section of 6 ft depth. Vessels needing more then 6 ft will have to check the tide tables, tie up before the second piling, tie up to one of the island freighters, or proceed to Oranjestad.

The captain can take the ships papers to the immigration office at the sea side of the road entry to the harbour. Across the road is the Customs office.

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