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Port Sandwich Art & Culture Festival, South Malekula, Vanuatu - 02 to 03 August 2014

By Lucy Battaglene — last modified Jul 17, 2015 03:04 PM

Published: 2014-07-02 23:00:00
Countries: Vanuatu

In July 1774 Captain Cook landed in Port Sandwich to a friendly indigenous welcome. Over 200 years later, the Community of Lamap invites you to commemorate this moment in a 2 day celebration of Culture, History and Art of South Malekula.

Come and celebrate their culture, traditions and unique way of life with a two-day festival this August. Be part of an authentic pig exchange ceremony, witness local skill displays, kastom dance and stories and taste delicious organic island kakae. In the evenings relax with the music of local string bands, kava tastings and plenty of cold tusker.

PRICE: 5000 vt per person (Tusker and Kava excl.)

An additional village-stay option is available (1000 vt extra per person) for those guests who wish to gain a truly personal cultural experience. Spend the night of the 2nd in the village with a host family and learn how to live life Vanuatu-style.

To reserve your spot or for any additional information please contact:
+678 543 6814

Malampa Call Centre: +678 48888 |  +678 774 8030

Please do not hesitate to leave a message or SMS.

All proceeds from this festival go directly to the community of Lamap.

Go to Vanuatu Events for a list of annual events that welcome cruising boats.

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Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Jul 17, 2015 03:04 PM

Previously the Port Sandwich Festival, the Lamap (South Maledula) Art and Cultural Festival is coming up on August the 7th and 8th 2015. To reserve your spot and for any additional information, please contact:
Tito (Francophone): +678 5436814
Aya (Anglophone): +678 5452194

lazylady says:
Aug 03, 2014 10:30 PM

We just come from having 2 great days at the Port Sandwich Festival that was helt by the village of Dravail. It was exceptionally good, all the people of the village contributing. The first day was the "men's day", dancing in a unique setting in the forest with masques and costumes of leaves and feathers to the rythms of the stamping feet and the tamtams. A wonderful lunch buffet in the villages assembly hall, and drawing ans story telling, always with the possibility to chat with the village people, cheerful music of the local string band brought everybody to the dancefloor. And in the late afternoon the day ended with cava and beer, the cava being too strong for some of the visitors. The second day was dedicated to the women with their dancing and singing and the display of preparing laplap and weaving mats. Also here we were offered plates of fresh fruit, lunch served on green leaves instead of plates, but withz all sorts of vegetables, meat, fish, crabs and mussels. And green coconut for a drink. In the afternoon we were dancing and playing together, and this event is especially cheerful for families with children, all the children of the village take part and show the games they play. We are shure the festival of the next year 2015 will be helt with the same qualities making the guests feel welcome in the middle of the village community. Unforgettable.

4th august 2014 Ingrid and Gert Hoffmann, S.Y. Lazy Lady, Germany

ps the ancorage at Port Sandwich is beautiful and sheltered, easy landing on the shore with the dinghi - the transport to the village of Dravail ba truck was perfect.