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Turkey: Keci Buku - Nightime Break-in and Burglary

By Sue Richards last modified Sep 25, 2011 07:59 PM

Published: 2011-09-25 19:59:49
Topics: Piracy Reports 2011
Countries: Turkey

Turkey is a safe and wonderful destination and reports of crime are few and far between.

Keci Buku (N 36 45.6, E 28 07.6) in SW Turkey is a justly popular anchorage. Almost uniform 10m depth, lots of room, velcro holding in beautiful surroundings.

In prior years there have been reports of thefts off anchored boats. Recently (August 2011) at least two boats were boarded, including ours, and there are reports of others.

Entry was some time after dark (between 2000-2300). The crews of both boats that were boarded were off the boats at a nearby beach potluck BBQ. They entered through the one hatch I forgot to dog, the other vessel was also boarded the same night through a hatch and the steel protective device was damaged. Oddly, nothing appears to have been taken from our boat, all I could find was a single wet footprint on our berth beneath the hatch through which entry was gained. The other vessel had a modest amount of money taken from a wallet. Nothing, including the wallet, was disturbed so that the loss went unnoticed for two days.

We did not report the boardings to the police (assuming we could have even found where to do this), in our case nothing was taken or damaged and in the case of the other boat, they didn't discover it until two days later when they were under way to Symi, Greece.

Lock up and avoid leaving your boat unattended at night in Keci Buku.

Fred Hoette
S/V Escape Key
Orhaniye, Turkey