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Vanuatu: New Clearance Port

By Sue Richards last modified Jun 03, 2011 11:39 AM

Published: 2011-06-03 11:39:05
Countries: Vanuatu

As reported in The Island Cruising Association bulletin for June 2011.
Our thanks to Donald Bryden for bringing this information to noonsite's attention.

Anelcauhat (also called Analgawat, Anelghowhat) on Aneityum - the southernmost island of Vanuatu) is now a port of entry. It is exactly the same distance from Lautoka as Port Resolution, but Anelcauhat is a superb anchorage, easy to get into and safe in anything but a westerly blow.

The customs guy comes out to yachts fying a yellow quarantine flag in a dug-out. The officer, Colin Keith, stamps passports, gives the cruising permit, etc.

From there it is a downwind one-day cruise to Port Resolution. The anchorages on the north coast of Aneityum are also good.

The people of Aneityum have been trying to get this status for years - it would mean a lot to them to have more visitors and maybe earn some money guiding visitors to the hot springs and waterfall or the petroglyph sites. The harbor is excellent and the diving and fishing are great. The more people who stop-in the better the chance the government will be locked into continuing the arrangement.

When sailing to Tanna you never know if you will arrive at Port Resolution with a NE wind and have to go round to Lenakel - both actually not very good anchorages. But by going to Analgawat first you are only a day sail from Port Resolution and can time your arrival to the best weather. Of course the chance to visit a formerly unvisited island with great anchorages is reason enough to plot a course there.

Information courtesy of Richard Chesher- Vanuatu Cruising Guide. Copies of the Vanuatu Cruising Guide and the New Caledonia guide are now available through ICA.