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Phuket, Boat Lagoon: Complaint about Major Contractor - Another View

By Sue Richards last modified Dec 19, 2010 12:40 PM

Published: 2010-12-19 12:40:18
Countries: Thailand

Received on 20th December 2010

I feel compelled to write the following having read the comments on regarding Pymar otherwise known as OSS.

Yes it is correct that he has the biggest shed in Boat Lagoon and yes it is correct that he speaks excellent English, however, from my personal experience with him and his company I cannot say that the rest of the article reflects the experience I had with him or his company.

From the end of September 2010 until the first week of December we undertook a major paint job on the superstructure of the 86 foot motor yacht that I run.

I have not found a contractor in Thailand in the time I have been here (18 months) that was more honest, fair or willing to help to solve the problems that I through at him and at a cost which was very reasonable considering the amount of work that needed to be done.

All I can say is that every experience is obviously different but I would recommend Oss and Pymar to anyone looking for a quality job at a fair price.

Craig Mitchell
MCA Chief Mate & Master 200GT

Complaint received 17 November 2010. Oss Marine were asked to comment, however no reply was received. This company is not listed on

This report is about OSS MARINE also known just recently as PYMAR or PHUKET YACHT MANAGEMENT AND REPAIR.

It's getting close to the season starting here for new arrivals. I believe it's in the cruising communities best interest that they know about this particular contractor, since he has the biggest shed in Boat Lagoon and the best English language of all contractors to fool us with.

This contractor is stealing money from clients and not finishing jobs he starts. This week there are 5 yachts in boat lagoon who have been ripped off by him, some for as much as tens of thousands of US dollars.

I had contracted a paint job this year. The yacht was painted with a very poor quality job and a 5 week time delay. I was given a 1 year warranty against paint blistering. The paint blistered 6 weeks later. OSS admitted to this and said he would re-paint the boat.

He sanded off the paint and never returned to do the job. I had to re-paint the entire boat myself with the help of another contractor. I have lost 10,000 US dollars. There is another yacht with a much larger job who has lost much more than 10,000 US.

OSS is taking these jobs and using inferior quality materials and incompetent workers. I have full documentation of e-mails and warranty receipts and 100 witnesses to this on-going thief.

Something must be done to warn all other cruisers arriving in Thailand of this contractor, who is a very sharp English speaking Thai, who admits that all his clients are in the Med before they notice their paint job is falling off.

I am sure you will receive more letters from other boats very soon complaining about this company.

Kevin Whitegon