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Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden: NATO Assessment of Current Pirate Operations

By Sue Richards last modified Nov 19, 2010 12:25 PM

Published: 2010-11-19 12:25:53
Topics: Piracy & Security
Countries: Oman , Seychelles , Somalia

Assessment 19 November 2010

Weather conditions continue to be favourable for pirate operations throughout the Somali Basin and the Gulf of Oman. The Gulf of Aden has not seen many piracy incidents last week, but is still assessed to be an active area.

Reports of a mother ship have also indicated possible upcoming activity in the shipping lanes off the southeast coast of Oman.

Both whaler type and dhow/ FV mother ships are expected to be underway towards the deep Somali Basin as far as 65-70E (reported from 5N to 18N).

The central Somali Basin has several reports of pirate activity around 5N 56E and towards the Seychelles area. The pirate activity is still high in the approach from Seychelles south towards Mombasa and Dar es Salam.

The whalers are 10-12 m open boats with internal engine - capable of 6-8 knots. Mother ships are now believed to include various cargo- and fishing dhows, as well as pirated vessels (Prantalay 11/14).

All mariners transiting in the described areas are warned that pirates are active herein. Vigilant watches, early detection of vessels manoeuvring too close, early reporting and the adoption of the Best Management Practices are the keys for remaining safe in the Indian Ocean within 15°S and 78°E.