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Egypt, Dahab - Swiss Family lose their yacht on reef

By Sue Richards last modified Jul 30, 2010 02:50 PM

Published: 2010-07-30 14:50:28
Countries: Egypt

We just heard the very sad news of the sinking of the sailboat Samadhi in Dahab, Egypt.

Samadhi over wintered in Eilat this year and was moored next to us in the Eilat marina following a haulout. We got to know Hari well as he waited for his wife and two daughters to join him. After several years cruising the Med and the Red Sea, they were heading back to Switzerland.

The news is quite a shock as we knew Hari to be a careful and competant seaman. We have yet to understand excatly what happened, but did find the letter below which was sent to dive centers in Dahab.

Perhaps you could post the revelant parts of this letter on noonsite. There may be sailors in the area who would wish to help. We ourselves, have contacted Madame Christina in the hopes of being of some assistance.

Robyn Coulter & Manny Kremer
SV Yofy
Gulf of Aqaba

See full letter posted on

Last week, a 13m sailing boat, the Samadhi, hit the reef in Dahab and sank. Aboard was a family with their children who safely got back to shore. They were unfortunately unable to stay in Egypt and had to return to Switzerland.

In Dahab, they are now represented by Mr Galal from Ganet Sinai, who is now officially responsible of the boat, until it is returned to their owners. They also have the help of Madame Christina from Christina Hotel and Residence, who is the representative in Dahab for the Swiss Embassy.

The owners, as well as Mr Galal, are doing their best to organise for the boat to be retrieved and the owners are hoping to get their boat back with ALL their personal belongings. Please note that removing anything from the boat is ILLEGAL, as the boat still belongs to the Swiss family and is now under the custody of Mr Galal.

If you would like to offer your help to take the boat out, please contact me or Mr Galal, stating how you can help.

Asser Salama
Email: [email protected]