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Galle Harbour, Sri Lanka

By Sue Richards last modified Nov 30, 2008 04:35 PM

Published: 2008-11-30 16:35:38
Countries: Sri Lanka

Having spent two periods of time here in Galle Harbour, I would like to post the following information for other yachts planning to visit Galle.

Our first visit:
We used Don Windsor as our agent. The people we dealt with were most unhelpful.
Electricity was available, but we had to lay out a 10,000 SLR deposit. We had electricity connected, the Port Electrician was efficient and courteous.
Water was available, $10 per metric tonne, minimum quantity.

Diesel, delivered in 205 litre drums, was 130 SLR per litre, (pump price 100 SLR per litre). We calculated that we needed 350 litres of diesel, so as it cannot be returned, ordered 325 litres, with a view of adding a jerry can to top us up. The diesel was delivered, hand pumped in, and I started topping up the tank from jerry cans. 170 litres later, the tank was full! I ordered another 170 litres to top up the jerries. Aproximately 150 litres was delivered.
I had paid for 325 + 170 litres of diesel at 130 SLR per litre, 64,350 SLR, with no receipts. I paid for 495 litres, but received more like 305 litres. Our tank holds 400 litres, the maths is obvious.

I visited Don Windsor to complain, after our electricity had been disconnected, no offer of the balance of the "electricity deposit" was offered, I had to ask, and the rupees were hurriedly put together from a variety of sources, the balance of the deposit was not ready at hand for me. Nothing in the way of apology was offered nor any offer of any sort of restitution for the diesel short fall (which I naturally couldn't prove). We left with a very sour taste in our mouths.

Our second visit:
We returned 5 days later (due to a very strong opposing current (4.5 - 5.0 knots)) from our attempt to reach Penang.

We chose GAC as our agent, $225 c/w $200 for Windsor. The agent, Nuwan, was courteous and efficient. A receipt was given for the fees, without being asked for. Electricity was connected within 20 minutes with no deposit required. Diesel was delivered for 1000 SLR a load, in my jerry cans, at pump price (Diesel was reduced to 80.2 SLR per litre in a recent budget). I went with the delivery man and saw my diesel being put into the cans, and I paid the garage, not the agent!

Rumour has it that the official in Windsors office that we dealt with has been "removed".......We have not seen him in the port this stay.

Nuwan can be contacted on VHF Ch 71 or by mobile phone (+94 7777 18007). We sent him an SMS, and he phoned us almost immediately at 07:30 hrs. Or you can contact him by e-mail, [email protected]

Jerry & Caz Flint
S/Y Mandarina