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Bad Workmanship Reported at Marmaris Marina

By James Greenwald last modified Apr 29, 2008 01:24 PM

Published: 2008-04-29 13:24:49
Countries: Turkey

While we were at Marmaris Yacht Marina last year we used a company called TMS (Technical Marine Services). They looked at the Air-conditioning and did a small job on a SS pipe. While they were onboard, I asked them to check if the gas level was OK in the Fridge and Freezer units, to be sure no gas was lost since I had this checked in St Lucia in 2004.

Both the Freezer and Fridge units worked well and we have never had any problems with them.

However, TMS messed up the Air-condition unit and both the Fridge and Freezer stopped working shortly afterwards. TMS was contacted immediately and they found that they had put by far too much gas in the units; they released some of the gas and they worked a few days, but then stopped again.

We returned to Marmaris Yacht Marina a few days later and upon arrival I asked the manager to have another look. I learned then that he has an "expert for this" and wondered why he had not used that "expert" rather that the amateurs he had first send and that had messed up our units. In any case we waited 3 full days for the "expert" to show up and I was repeatedly told that he would be arriving within a few minutes.

After 3 days we left as we had booked to haul out in Bodrum. And we never had any visit of the TMS fridge "expert".

I paid TMS about EUR 550 and these money were totally wasted. Wolfgang has shown little, or rather "no interest" in finding any solution and is twisting the matter around and will not give any guaranty; he even accused me of "departing without any warning"; tell us something about his mentality.

It is clear to me that TMS ruined at least the Fridge compressor and control unit and I have now had the Fridge unit replaced here in Bodrum. This cost me almost EUR 800 and the engineer released more gas in the Freezer unit as there were still too much in it, and it now seems to work - hopefully; the Air-condition unit is still messed up.

Thus, I thought to inform you about my experience with TMS services, or rather lack of services, and to warn you about TMS. They have offices in Marmaris Yacht Marina and in Nestle Marina. Thus, I would be very cautious involving that company in you work. At least I have given above my experience."

Unhappy Skipper