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Chris Doyle Responds To "Yacht Attack At St Vincent"

By doina — last modified Apr 21, 2017 03:43 PM

Published: 2008-03-11 22:00:00
Topics: Piracy Reports 2007
Countries: St Vincent & the Grenadines

Received From: Chris Doyle

Referrer Page: Yacht attacked in Chateaubelair

I would like to thank Steve Jones, who had a terrible incident in Chateaubelair for mentioning he was using an old version of the Sailors Guide to the Windward Islands. Had he had the current one (available since late 2006), he would have read:

“Armed (cutlass) robberies were reported here on several occasions in 2006. This is a lot for a relatively quiet anchorage. Consider locking yourself in at night.” It is also unlucky Steve Jones could not attend my Cruising in the Caribbean talk hosted by the ARC, because during that talk I gave a specific warning about Chateaubelair. So to a point it is worth investing in a current guide. On the other hand, even my Eastern Caribbean guides, which are probably more up-to-date than any, are a few months old by the time they reached the shops, and in their two-year cycle the information becomes over two years old before they end. So we are never completely up-to-date, and to use this case as an example, I think that while the warning I gave was accurate and adequate at the time I wrote it, I do not think it is sufficient today. We have had several more attacks just recently, and more seriously, the robbers now use guns. So while the latest guide helps, you need more, and to help with this, I have a website on which I give important updates. Perhaps more importantly, I give links to sites like the Safety and Security net which posts all the security incidents they hear about, I also give links to other sites that will tell you things like when an underwater volcano is about to blow. The site is open and free to anyone.

I would like to underline that these attacks have been in Chateaubelair. Wallilabout and Cumberland are not reporting serious problems. (I don't know where Steve got his information: "although a gang of 20 plus armed men raided the bay recently and stole 6 dinghies and outboards in one night. They went prepared with wire cutters and other tools." I have not heard of such a report nor has Caribbean Compass or the safety and security net. Without any back up info, I doubt this is true.)

In response to the Wallilabou incidents the police are stepping up efforts in the area. We will have to see how they do.

Chris Doyle

Noonsite has also received information about another attack which happened in Chateaubelair on December 21 2007, two dasys before the attack on Steve and Katherine Jones. A yacht with eight crew was was boarded at night by three armed men and robbed of valuables. The full report is available here:

Details of all incidents are recorded here:

Steve Jones Response to Chris Doyle

In response to Chris Doyle's response to our piracy attack in Chateaubelair 23rd Dec. First we will always buy his up to date guides, which we have always found extremely useful and in the future will check for up dates on his web site and others.

Chris doubts whether the incident regarding the "20 armed men at Wallilabou" report is true and asks where I got that information from. Well it came direct from the St Vincent CID where we spent 12 hours following our attack, so personally I think it is very likely to be both true and accurate.

Steve Jones

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