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2006 - Piracy Round-Up for the Year

By doina — last modified Jan 21, 2009 07:56 PM

Published: 2009-01-21 19:56:04
Topics: Piracy Reports 2006

Richard Donaldson-Alves, Maritime Controller of the S E Asian Radio Net, has gone through the annual report of the ICC International Maritime Bureau, "Piracy And Armed Robbery Against Ships 2006", and extracted the information as it applies specifically to yachts.

Altogether there were a total of 10 reports made to the Piracy Reporting Centre regarding attacks on yachts or robberies from yachts. This total is the sum of all such events on this planet during 2006. It does not include many other unreported (and a few reported) events involving robberies - often the theft of outboard motors or where the would-be outboard motor thief is unsuccessful.

Worldwide piracy attacks fell for the third year in a row according to the report. On a trial basis, IMB is offering the report free of charge. To request a PDF version of the report by email, please visit:

To sum up, in 2006 significant reports totaled:

South East Asia

  • 3 unattended yachts robbed on Tioman Island - Malaysia.
  • 1 Attempted boarding of a yacht on route between Singapore and Borneo was unsuccessful.

Indian Ocean: 1 Piracy on the High Seas off Southern Cape off India - Pirates took personal property and life-raft, police recovered raft (less flares and survival pack)

Northern Red Sea - Yacht boarded in Endeavour Harbour - outboard motor taken by force from skipper.

Venezuela - 3 pirate attacks (2 involving use of guns by pirates)

There were NO Reports of Pirates having a go at yachts in the Gulf of Aden during 2006.

Details of reports from ICC report:

German Yacht Wado Ryu 14.1.2006 anchored off Racha Yas Island, Phuket, Thailand; robbers hijacked the yacht while at anchor, yacht subsequently found drifting on 19.1.2006.

Tioman Islands, Malaysia: On 21.2.2006 two yachts, Ten Large and Kumara and then again, on 1.3.2006 yacht Cin Cin, boarded at anchor in evening when crew ashore, cash and valuables stolen. Local police arrested 2 of the suspects, one now in prison and the other standing trial.

UK yacht Idle Vice of Kip 22.4.2006 underway near Kannyakumari, Cape Comorin, India. More than 10 pirates in a fishing boat boarded the yacht, stole property and liferaft. Captain made a police complaint; authorities recovered the liferaft in an inflated condition, survival pack missing.

Richard Donaldson-Alves adds :I personally took the first reports from 4 of these yachts - my recollection differs slightly :- The 3 yachts anchored off the beach on Tioman Island - Malaysia were unattended at the time of the robbery (crews were on shore having dinner) all 3 robberies took place on the same evening. The police were not helpful - it took a lot of pressure to get the robberies investigated. The Piracy Reporting Centre would not accept the initial reports of the robberies. Following the Pirate attack on the yacht off the southern Cape of India - The yacht's crew had great difficulty in getting assistance from the local police. The report of the yacht being hijacked from Ko Racha Yai Island - Phuket, is said to have dragged its anchor and drifted off on its own little journey.

Yab Yum Austrian yacht 13.10.2006 anchored off Navimca Cumana Venezuela boarded and 2 outboard engines stolen.

French yacht 19.2.2006 anchored Endeavour Harbour, Tawila Island, Red Sea; 4 men boarded the yacht and stole outboard motor despite being confronted by captain. Incident reported to Abu Tig marina.

Yacht Serenity (Isle of Man registry) 2.3.2006 underway in Indonesia, location 00:54.31N 105:53.18E; persons in 2 fishing craft attempted to board the yacht; captain took evasive action and increased speed, attempt was aborted.