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Update On Shooting Of Yard Owner at Puerto La Cruz

By doina — last modified Jun 21, 2006 09:31 PM

Published: 2006-06-21 21:31:06
Countries: Venezuela

Noonsite has just received a report that Pierre Roelens and his wife, Marie - owners of the boatyard PR Yacht Services in Venezuela - were shot and killed in Puerto La Cruz on the morning of Monday 12 June. They had been to the bank and were followed to the boatyard gate where several bullets were fired into the windscreen of their car, according to sources there. Roelens, a 60-year resident of the country, started the Clasico Regatta in 2004 to promote sportsmanship and the country's cruising grounds.

Noonsite received the following update:

PR Yacht Services owner Pierre Roelens (53) and his wife of 26 years, María Eugenia Cañes(45) were assassinated at approximately 8:30AM, 12June2006, outside the boatyard gate at Marina Bahia Redonda.

Two days later, rumors abounded about possible reasons for revenge as those who knew Pierre and María Eugenia gathered for the double funeral. Colleagues noted that the murders weren’t random; police had no comment on the connection and were still looking for the shooters.

Roelens was known for his dedication to promoting PLC as a cruising destination, initiating the Clásico Regatta, and racing his S&S39;, Kemy III. Less publicized was his generosity to his boatyard crew and environmental causes such as Fundación La Tortuga. The couple leave two sons, ages 7 and 17.

According to boatyard manager Rolando Palacios, the 2006 regatta remain as planned, October 7-8. Boats scheduled for work will see no change, save a little less cigar smoke in the late afternoon air.

The shooting would appear to not be random or haphazard and had little to do with the average cruiser in the area.