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Gulf Of Aden Attacks In Well-Defined Area

By doina — last modified May 08, 2006 04:19 PM

Published: 2006-05-08 16:19:35
Topics: Piracy

Area of Gulf of Aden where piracy involving yachts has taken place.

Area bounded by 13 º 05’ N 13 º 55’ N x 47 º 43’ E 48 º 45’ E. Consider transiting the eastings of this area at night.

Suggested waypoints to avoid the above :

Start Salala 16 º 57’ N x 54 º 00’ E

1st waypoint 15 º 00’ N x 53 º 00’ E

2nd waypoint 12 º 30’ N x 49 º 00’ E

3rd waypoint 12 º 00’ N x 46 º 00’ E

4th waypoint 11 º 45’ N x 45 º 00’ E

5th waypoint 11 º 40’ N x 43 º 00’ E

6th waypoint 11 º 370’ N x 43 º 07’ E

There is no reason to stop in Salala unless for fuel, stores etc. Therefore coming from Uligan in the Maldives where diesel is available the plan would be to head for the first waypoint. The 6th waypoint takes you into Djibouti as opposed to Aden – if Aden is preferred then only turn for Aden when reaching the 4th Waypoint.

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Gulf Of Aden Attacks In Well-Defined Area

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