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Wifi in French Polynesia Expands Further

By doina — last modified Sep 22, 2011 07:18 PM

Published: 2011-09-22 19:18:42
Countries: French Polynesia

Iaoranet, the WiFi network for yachts in French Polynesia, now has a full network of 24 zones, in Gambiers, Marquesas, Tuamotus and the Society Islands.

Launched in January was a new login page including a lot of free goodies for cruisers:

  • a full navigation guide to French Polynesia, including more than 150 anchorages, available services and navigation guidelines
  • precise weather analysis and charts
  • a marine directory to find what you need where you need it
  • flea market and crew service
  • downloads…

Present at all the main marinas and anchorages in French Polynesia, the WiFi signal covers the marina, and the whole anchorage area. If some boats can't connect with their WiFi equipped computer, it's probably that it's not powerful enough, and they should get in touch with the office of the marina to buy/rent more powerful equipment.

Rates begin at 2$ per hour, with both time limited and volume limited accounts available plus pre-paid cards.

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