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Pirates near Yemen update

By doina — last modified Nov 09, 2005 03:06 PM

Published: 2005-11-09 15:06:19
Topics: Piracy & Security
Countries: Yemen

Hi, am presently in Seychelles looking for a ride to South Africa due to leaving my last yacht here. Had a good trip down from Hurghada. We looked deeply into the pirate issue and can hopefully reassure people that although the risk is there it is not in the form of premeditated attacks i.e. watching Radar for targets. All the info we had from Omir the local guide in Aden, (a great contact, by the way his details are in the RED Sea Pilot) point to the main problems being from people traffickers from Somalia to Yemen via Socotra; if these guys happen upon a yacht it is like a bonus for them but the chances are really slim I think.

We were approached by fishermen who do look for all the world like pirates but are just scrounging food, drink or cigarettes, so please don't shoot these guys! The Yemeni people are the most friendly I have ever met; we travelled to north Yemen to the gate of Yemen - Sanaa which was a truly stunning experience. We never felt the slightest threat; we walked the streets in the small hours and felt safe the whole time. The Pirate thing, I feel, has been blown up a bit; whilst recognising there is a threat, it is a real shame if it stops yachts doing the trip down, it has been the ride of a lifetime. There are coastguard cutters at Yemen donated by western powers to help sort the problems out and the whole time we could hear coalition warships calling and monitoring movements which helps a lot. Oh and by the way we shot the gap between Socotra and Somalia!!

If anyone wants to email to discuss the journey that would fine we were desperate for info before going south so I know what its like. So anyway I am publishing the details of the journey on the Findacrew website (I got the trip through them, great service by the way). I am a yachtmaster and engineer and my companion is an accomplished cook, we are learning creole cooking on Seychelles while we wait for a boat. It's a hard life!

Hope this is of some interest, and any help or advice you have on finding a ride from here or Mauritius to SA would be most welcome.

Cheers Neil Perry

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