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Egypt, Yemen, Eritrea and Seychelles Update

By doina — last modified Sep 13, 2005 10:31 AM

Published: 2005-09-13 10:31:16
Countries: Cocos Keeling , Egypt , Eritrea , Seychelles , Yemen

I just delivered a 54ft cat from West Australia to Marmaris and have some info to update the site. First of all massive savings can be made in Egypt for northbound yachts by clearing in at Port Ghalib. Sherif Fawzy (former tanker captain) is a great guy who runs the place which is now a customs port of entry and for $15 for visas and $30 for a ship pass you can enter any port in Egypt and not pay any clearance fees etc as before. He said he had turned around 30 boats in the last 6 months who did all the neccesary paperwork in less than one hour and no agent fees at all! This is a massive saving. You can get more information from or their website

Also catamarans are advised to get a Lloyds ship certificate for Suez Canal measurement before transiting the canal. The fees for us last week were $1025 total after agent fees and everything for a 54ft 12 tonne cat! If we had a Lloyds measurement I believe we would have paid somewhere in the 2-$300 range!!!

Also Massawa in Eritrea has a big fuel shortage and only small amounts can be taken on by jerrycan to the boat. You need to get tickets from the tourism office to purchase the fuel.

Massawa is a great interesting place to stop and very cheap. I highly recommend this as a place to stop.

Seychelles now has a new marina suitable for boats up to 150ft and is very nice. Yachts should also take lots of US dollars to the Seychelles as the black market exchange rate is double that of the banks.

Cocos Keeling islands is still paradise! Yachts must be aware though that if you clear out of Australia and your visa has expired you will only get 3 days unless you have extended your visa from Oz. It may be possible to extend your stay in emergencies.

Paul Stratfold