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A Response To The Positive View Of Venezuela

By doina — last modified Aug 07, 2005 01:02 PM

Published: 2005-08-07 13:02:36
Countries: Venezuela

I have read the message from m/v Pipedream, (see Puerto de la Cruz: A Positive View ) and must say this is totally inaccurate reporting. I know Bob and he only wishes the area to grow and be successful, as a long time resident of Bahia Redonda Marina,his message is a bit biased.

There are incidents weekly of muggings, boat boardings, and armed robbery through out the Puerta la Cruz/Barcelona area. The local marinas and marine related businesses here, as else where in the Carribean depend on cruisers. They do not have the political backing or police presence to assist cruisers or investigate crime against foreign visitors, nor can they afford any negative reports against cruising their area. The orginaztion ONSA is only a reporting agency, they have no authority to investigate crime. Although it is a step in the right direction, they too are under funded and depend on contributions from the private sector for their projects.

Venezuela is an incredibly beautiful cruising area. But the problems for cruisers have not improved nor is it feasable that they will in the near future. The message to cruises in this area should be, listen to reported problems on the Carribean Safety and Security net, and avoid those areas. The information found in cruising guides is very good, but the safety issues change swiftly and you cannot casually cruise this area.

I realize your site cannot stay abreast of the swiftly changing safety issues that face cruisers in this area, but the warnings should stay in effect.

Thank You, Dave Bruer,Tydewi

I agree with Bob Franklin on his Puerto La Cruz view but as he says the safety is good in any of the Marina premises but when you are cruising the last place you want to be is in a Marina. I have been sailing Venezuelan waters for over 30 years and the Eastern part of Venezuela is not in my list since a good 15 years ago. Too bad, being such a beautiful country. I am at present in the Morrocoy area and we started experiencing a wave of thefts in the boats at the marinas in the last four months, thousands of dollars in equipment have been stolen and nothing is being nor seems to be done about it by the authorities. Morrocoy is still a safe area for cruising and we hope it lasts.

Hillar Brandt SY Le Freak