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Hurricane Season in Tahiti

By doina — last modified Jun 08, 2005 09:22 AM

Published: 2005-06-08 09:22:46
Countries: French Polynesia

The authorities in French Polynesia issued an order a few years ago that prohibits boats belonging to non-residents spending the cyclone season in Tahiti. We have had several enquiries at noonsite about the actual situation, and so we contacted our Regional Editor, Luc Callebaut, who sent us the following report:

Every year, at the beginning of the cyclone season, some official activity happens to scare boats away ... but I have not succeed in finding any law or official text justifying that attitude. I think they just show their muscles and scare cruisers away! The ones that stayed or hid were not bothered during the season itself. I have seen yachts arriving right in the cyclone season and they were allowed to stay!!! So it just depends on which official you happen to meet!

With French yachts, exceptions to the rules are sometimes more frequent than the rules! I know it is very disturbing for cruisers not to know for sure how they will be treated ... but that's the way it is. Nobody can guarantee what the rule will be or how it will be applied! Anyway they let tourists in during cyclone season. Customs worries mostly about boats sneaking more than 12 months in a 24 month period trying to avoid paying import duty on the boat.

Luc Callebaut

Noonsite comment: as ths situation continues to be rather confused, we urge anyone planning to spend the cyclone season in Tahiti to enquire about this on arrival in Papeete.