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Sailing With Pets To French Polynesia

By doina — last modified Feb 08, 2005 01:47 PM

Published: 2005-02-08 13:47:00
Countries: French Polynesia

There are a few boats headed to French Polynesia with pets aboards and we were wondering if it is possible to go through French Polynesia without getting the chip or tattoo if the animals do not leave the boat. From the info on your site, it looks as though the tattoo or chip may only be needed if the pets are to go ashore. Also, do you know what vacinations are needed? We left the States with our cat 1 year ago and his shots are good for another few years, will we need to get them renewed and will we need additional vacinations?

Luc Callebaut Answers:

We spent 4 years in Fr.Pol with our dog and went to the whole importation bit. If you spend a few months in Fr.Pol. things should be much simpler. If you plan to go to NZ at one point, I would recommend you have a micro-chip implanted anyway as they are very tough with animal regulations. One thing in Fr. Pol is that rabies vaccines are only good 1 year ... even if your pet got a 3 yr-shot. Regulations do change from time to time and we left Fr.Pol more than 1 year now. My recommendation is to contact Valerie Antras - the gvt vet and ask her the latest regulations (her email is on Noonsite).

PS: with an animal that stays onboard, it is generally no problem except for sometimes having to post a bond or to obtain cheap vaccinations locally.